Counter-Strike 2: Responsive Smokes

Counter-Strike 2: Responsive Smokes

Smoke Grenades are now dynamic volumetric objects that interact with the environment, and react to lighting, gunfire, and explosions.

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  1. Vailskibum says:

    This is such a Valve way to reveal a new game

  2. Goulou says:

    These smokes will be absolutely game changing, no more one ways and less spamming in the smoke that’s amazing

    • undeadbobop says:

      @Sunsetbear If you were spamming them then you were using them wrong to begin with. What you see as spam could also be a well thought out strategy or tactic as smokes were used both offensively and defensively. Now this removes that because all someone has to do is replace the smoke effect with one more transparent and justify it with they could see through the smoke and it be valid. Also it removes all reasons why you would throw a smoke at the enemy team to blind them, and it removes the reason why you would throw it down for cover and subgiated it to a single minor inconvenience distraction to try to throw the enemy team off. Which is why you would see people throwing them at doors on dust2 and then not using it because they went to flank or attack from a different point or in cs1.6’s case to make the enemy team waste ammo and thus money by shooting at nothing, but that game you could shoot through some walls and doing so often either was a signal that you were really good at knowing the spot or you were hacking. This is the only use for it with this really other than to minor inconvenience annoy someone using a awp or scout.

    • Devil says:

      @NinjapowerMS nah in reality even if the punctured holes were this big it isn’t too big of a difference since the spot Ts come out of are often narrow and even if the smoke could not be punctured the spam would have still worked, after the CT gets a kill he should be killed by another T because of the hole tho, sort of makes the CTs less campy because it is less safe

    • NinjapowerMS says:

      Only thing I don’t like is that it opens up a large circle when you’re spamming smokes. Would be cooler if its just bullet holes

    • Devil says:


  3. Darth Giorgi says:

    Just love how instead of cinematic trailers, we are getting deep dive into gameplay improvements.

    Feels like old valve again.

  4. Gabriel Zero says:

    This is not ruining Smoke plays. This is making them even more agressive

  5. OpticalSaw 23 says:

    One of the best video game updates I’ve ever seen, I wasn’t expecting this at all valve impresses me as usual

    • Dripik says:

      ​@Arminas Gamer yeah pretty much what I’ve been saying. It’s the reborn version of csgo not a New csgame. It’s not as exciting as a new sequel but it’s needed for the game, source 2 does look incredible but yeah it’s not a sequel but a massive game update.

    • Arminas Gamer says:

      @Ruzi Nuk3 Studios dumb take. Dota 2 was moved from source 1 to 2 and is same game just improved. Same here as u can see is same game just improve. Cs and css looked completely different. Shooting guns felt different. In cs 1.6 u coild wallbamg almost any wall and physics was different. Also hitregs was different. While here just light and maps and textures and smokes and few other features improved or added and will gonna be updated from time to time. It’s not a new game it’s just transferred to new engine so they can implement eveything they been working on planning on working. As they were limited.

    • gamingpotato says:

      First the TF2 updates, now this. It’s awesome!

    • Ruzi Nuk3 Studios says:

      @Lasse Kongo if you say so, yeah, it´s a dlc too

    • Lasse Kongo says:

      @Ruzi Nuk3 Studios Engine diff my guy. I guess csgo is just a DLC for css

  6. Mahmoud Aina says:

    Haven’t played cs since go almost 15 years, but this implementation of smoke is outstanding!

  7. Skikopl says:

    Valve drops feature trailers without even making a trailer for the game first

    Absolute legends

  8. RSpace says:

    This is really exciting, can’t wait to see Source 2 used more by valve

  9. thesyndrome43 says:

    When the smoke first popped and made a big circular cloud I was like “eh, looks fine I guess”, but seeing it get dissipated by explosions and bullets passing through them actually made me say “holy shit” aloud, because that not just a really cool technological feature, but will completely adjust tactics for the game and introduce a new element of strategy to using and countering smoke grenades. Bravo!

  10. Pers0n says:

    Glad to see you back in the business of making big games Valve.
    That new smoke looks like a great update that will bring some cool gameplay.

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