Country Horse wins Kentucky Derby after historic disqualification

Country Horse wins Kentucky Derby after historic disqualification

In a historic first at the Kentucky Derby, Maximum Security cross the finish line first but was disqualified due to an objection on the field. Country Horse was then declared the winner. Fred Cowgill of CBS Louisville affiliate WLKY-TV reports.

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49 Responses

  1. David Ellis says:

    He lives in a house , very big ? in the country ? it’s all a Blur.

  2. Painkiller Jones says:

    None of the horses died? That’s a positive thing. Remember that one year, when the winning horse died just moments later, before it could make it to it’s own victory ceremony? That almost ruined the damn derby.

    • Robert Murdock says:

      No, that was Eight Belles( 2008) , who finished second and broke her leg.They put her down on the track, I believe. The 2006 winner Barbaro was injured during the Preakness two weeks later, but didn’t die at the event itself.

  3. jfan4reva says:

    Country HoRse? Isn’t it Country HoUse? Like the big gold letters say in back of the reporter?
    The first thing they teach you in Journalism school is to get the name right. CBS gets an F for such an obvious flub!

  4. Karen Norris says:

    I don’t care what people say maximum security was the better horse country house is like someone driving around looking for the right kinda car accident to have to claim insurance money….. so sad for maximum security owners they have been in derby 40 years this would have been their first win dumb decision and shame on sore losers of country house

  5. Ray Gordon Teaches Chess says:

    Dancer’s Image was disqualified in 1968 but only three days after the race.

    • Michael Rao says:

      Ray Gordon Teaches Chess that’s correct

    • Ray Gordon Teaches Chess says:

      Horses are not allowed to veer three lanes over and almost knock down four other horses without being disqualified.  In any other race he’d have come down within a minute. The stewards made the correct call.

    • Adam says:

      Greg Long wasn’t bs. It was the right call

  6. Rickola01 says:

    This is like a NBA game

  7. SeaMonkey137 says:

    Maximum Security probably wishes NFL referees were calling this one.

  8. truth h says:

    Where was it? I didn’t see anything

  9. D.E.B. B says:

    There were other horses coming on strong towards the end, too. The Preakness and Belmont stakes will be interesting for sure!

  10. Tropic Lightning2019- says:

    Sign of the times..

    • Sabrina Dugan says:

      When a million or two dollars is on the line….they’re going to look at everything, especially when a horse going 35mph is knocked sideways. Maximum Security could have caused War of Will to go down taking out everyone behind him….horses crashing to the ground at 35-40mph…….would be a disaster far worse than Eight belles. PETA would have had a field day had War of Will gone down.

  11. jesusisnotallright s says:

    Flavian Pratt should be suspended for his lying and frivalous foul claim.

    • Adam says:

      jesusisnotallright s where he lie….

    • Sabrina Dugan says:

      He had to take his horse wider around the turn to avoid getting bumped. Country House actually covered more ground than Maximum Security and he still ran a great race, despite having to run farther.

  12. J says:

    Jockey is a complete fool.

  13. TGP 777 says:

    When asked for his thoughts about the situation, Maximum Security had no comment.

    • steve boone says:

      Maximum Security got penalized for merely taking a turn too wide. What’s next, a horse being disqualified for running too fast?

    • Adam says:

      steve boone watch the reply….you can’t interfere like that….sorry you know nothing about horse racing

    • Adam says:

      steve boone you have never watched horse racing

    • steve boone says:

      +Adam i have watched hundreds of horse races and seen deliberate dirty tricks pulled by the winners and only a handful of them were given the heave ho. Every horse on that field a couple of days ago ran a clean race but it was maximum security who got disqualified for taking a turn a little bit wide and it forced him into the path of a competing horse. The thing I want to question is whether or not the horse that was interfered with was forced into that position by the horses surrounding him.

    • Adam says:

      steve boone oh man you really haven’t watched horse racing

  14. Kenneth M. Price Jr. says:

    Maximum Security got robbed.

    • Tony Manero says:

      What is worst for Horse Racing is the connections that the owner of Country House has to Horse Racing. Sure both owners are rich but Country House owners husband Joseph V. Shields was huge in Horse Racing and Maximum Security was just an owner.

  15. Strange Days says:

    I hope Maximum security runs the Preakness and smokes all of them again.

    • Adam says:

      Strange Days let’s see he do it without interfering in others paths

    • steve boone says:

      They’ll find ways to get that horse disqualified. Face facts, once they get a horse disqualified they ensure that same horse remains disqualified.

    • Adam says:

      steve boone um false. You are just using your emotion and logic and reasoning

    • Sabrina Dugan says:

      Well, I’d like to see him run the same race without knocking his competition sideways…..fair and square.

  16. Steve Ramey says:

    Maximum Security should have double dribbled instead. They would never call that.

  17. Spencer Tba says:

    I gotta say no one is gonna respect C.H.’s win. Had there been no contact. C.H. would most likely have finished 3rd.

  18. johnny llooddte says:

    INSANITY.. on a sloppy track… INSANE

  19. Richard Postma says:

    Imma give the mic back in a minute but I jus wanna say Country House has the best album of all times.

  20. Jackie Rawlings says:

    maximum security will win the preakness n belmont!!! show them who is boss!!!

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