Couples Reveal How Many People They’ve Had Sex With To Each Other | Elite Daily

Couples Reveal How Many People They’ve Had Sex With To Each Other | Elite Daily

Telling someone how many people you’ve had sex with is a lot like tripping in the middle of a busy sidewalk: People might act like they couldn’t care less, but deep down, everyone is judging you. A lot.
Sharing “The Number” with someone can be especially awkward when you’re dating them. Most people don’t get aroused by the thought of their partners having sex with other people.

To the people who do: You do you — and someone else, probably.

We managed to track down a few couples who managed to avoid this particular conversation until we thrust them in front of a camera and asked if they’d be willing to share the number of people they’d gone all the way with (only we phrased it differently because it isn’t 1957).

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Carmen Pacheco & Luis Maldonado
Michele Chojnowski & Nicholas Lopiccolo
Mark Michaels & Patricia Johnson
Joaquin Esquilin & Vivien Bognot
Keanna Bryant & Michael T. Cole
Pedro Lee & Noriko Sato
Erika Conaway & Alexander Ackleson
Caleb Bryant Miller & Tran Pham
Clovia McIntosh & Charles Williams
Gigi Engle & Mike Fishbein
Erin Peters & Rayhan Sarwar

Concept by: David Arabov
Producer: David Potvin
Editor: Sal Tumolo
Director of Photography: David Potvin
Camera Operator: Terence MF Thomas
Sound Mixer: Max Grunner
Production Assistant: Kelley Lord

Creative Director: Tyler Gildin
Executive Producer: Weston Green

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20 Responses

  1. Jane Beanette says:

    *weak, tiny voice* *”Ummm…..I’m at 5, I believe. 5 or 6″*
    You cannot tell if it’s 5 or 6!? Stop lying…..she is your first.

  2. Oliver Gibbs says:

    a gentleman never reveals how many partners he has had. Simple as that.

  3. Don't Trysohard says:

    I’m pretty sure the redhead then gave the most head. Get mad.

  4. Blaze Kid says:

    Should be zero. Until you meet the person you Marry

  5. Marija Kuzmanić says:

    I never had such experience yet. I’m sure I’m gonna be faithful to my
    husband when i get married some day. I also think that shouldn’t be matter
    what men and women were doing or with whom they were sleeping before they
    met each other and started a new relationship. As long as they love each
    other, the past is irrelevant. It is my opinion.

  6. chloeblundell says:

    So much slut shaming in the comments.
    People must be so sad to want to try and include themselves in someone
    else’s privacy. Seriously, stop judging. You don’t know their experiences,
    their lives, most importantly their sex life! Lots of people had high
    numbers, good for them, it doesn’t mean you can through around the words
    slut and whore etc. 

  7. Artian McYour says:

    Stop these fake clips

  8. RedPacific AMV says:

    Lol how she said 1 dude and he was like “yeah I know like 5 so multiply by

  9. OhMyGodGiveMeAName says:

    God, what does it matter? If you’ve had a sleeping-around phase, you’re
    number is probably higher than if you’ve went from one serious relationship
    to the other. There is good and bad sides to both those things. Who cares?
    You do you!

  10. DrakellTheDruid says:

    “1? I know at least 5,so multiply that by 3” do you not know math or

  11. Issa Kareem says:

    *Fornication is wrong.*

  12. Kristina Beiermann says:

    Is this not a normal conversation couples typically have?
    My boyfriend addressed it right away when we started dating.

  13. Vincent Campbell says:

    *Some of these numbers genuinely seem a little…unhealthy… **_* By the
    way, I want to ask you does anyone of you know where I can find site which
    has all newest leaked movies (the same hacker’s group which hacked Sony,
    too). I’ve heared that there are films like Avengers 2: Age of Ultron, Ted
    2, Fifty Shades of Grey, and many others, but I can’t find it. If anyone
    knows, please reply! 

  14. HansHasSchnitzels says:

    “I would guess at somewhere around 100…”

    Yeah, sure, Steven Seagal…

  15. Extreme Gamer says:

    I find if you can’t even say a number to how many people you’ve done it
    with, You’re to sensitive to be in a relationship to begin with. lol

  16. CeeTee7 says:

    At least 50% of these people were lying, their body language and edginess
    speaks volumes, regardless of the sensitivity of the question

  17. Patrick Star says:

    I don’t like this video because it makes me feel really insecure about my
    sexual history 

  18. Kiraitso says:

    Hopefully I’ll meet someone pure who I’ll be with forever….

  19. ragiiofficial says:

    And girls say men are horny…

  20. TB Realms says:

    I’m a virgin