Courage and the Big Meanie

Courage and the Big Meanie

Courage the cowardly dog is mistreated by the big Eustace thing in his house. unrelated but Merry Christmas!

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20 Responses

  1. @JJ_R says:

    Courage is a treasure, and I’m sure your grandmother was as well. My condolences, Goobus.

  2. @V.D.Boom_Ventures says:

    May your grandma rest in peace, Goobus. She sounds like a gem for having encouraged your humor.
    I’m truly sure she’s proud of you.

  3. @Plasstyre says:

    Your grandmother was obviously kind enough to leave a lasting and loving mark upon you, to the point where you’d make a memoriam that will last for years after it was presented. Let this cartoon make a beautiful imprint upon those who did not know her, and spread the love she felt for you and yours, to the thousands that have watched this and respect both you and her. May she rest peacefully, forever more.

    • @RepentandbelieveinJesusChrist5 says:

      Repent to Jesus Christ ”My flesh and my heart may fail, but God is the strength of my heart and my portion forever.“
      ‭‭Psalms‬ ‭73‬:‭26‬ ‭NIV‬‬

  4. @ericjigrup says:

    My condolences goobus. Thank you for still making animations that brighten our days. I hope your grandmother ses how many smiles you bring.

  5. @ScionOfFlame says:

    Rest in peace, Grandma Doobus. I’m glad you had someone encouraging in your life, and I hope her memory always stays with you.

  6. @Heel_Lucas says:

    Your tone for courage was absolutely perfect. In my opinion. I love this cartoon, and your animation here. Also my condolences to you about your grandmother as well. I hope this doesn’t sound selfish of me at all to say that I can relate to how you feel. But my grandmother to me was like my absolute best friend and so I know how painful that it can be to lose someone that close to you.

  7. @williamdavis5711 says:

    A grandma that encourages this kind of humor sounds like an awesome person.

    • @Shzn-pw7qw says:

      I’m a 120 year old man i’ve truly not been so emotionally shook ever since beethoven played his last piece. I truly now know what it means to be a vamp. Thank you Playboi Carti

  8. @Bawska says:

    Fly high, Grandma Goobus. Thank you for supporting Doobus to continue his work on making us laugh and entertained. Your impact is felt through a massive number of people you never met, and each one of us thank you for your love and encouragement to your grandson on a project that brings him joy.

    Rest in Peace.

  9. @michaelwhelan5042 says:

    As someone who has lost both of his grandparents in a 6 month period, I relate and sympathize with you. I hope you and your family are doing well and I’m sure your grandmother would be proud of the quality content you make!

  10. @fatuusdottore says:

    My condolences. I’m sure she is so proud of you and what you’ve done. This was so funny and endearing at the end, I’m sure your grandma was as sweet as Muriel. Grandmas are a blessing in this world, and I hope that yours is in heaven, smiling down at you. May your Christmas be bright despite the tragedy, and may your grandmother’s words live on in your art. I love your work, and I’ve subscribed. <3

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