The moment you’ve all been waiting for…we’re thrilled to officially welcome CouRageJD to 100 Thieves as the third creator for our content house. With a background in pro gaming and casting, CouRage brings an extremely unique charisma and dynamic to our team. We’re beyond excited to have him be a part of 100 Thieves.


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► Director: Sean Finnegan
► Executive Producer: Mike Aransky
► Producers: Sean Finnegan, Gabriel Ruiz
► Cinematographer: Duran Castro
► Editor: Logan Dodson

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38 Responses

  1. CouRage says:

    LET’S GOOOOOOOOO! So excited! Proud to be part of 100 Thieves!

  2. Ameet Dhaliwal says:

    Don’t let this great video distract u from the fact that Ninja leaked the news when the whole Tfue and NickMERCS things were going on.

  3. N1kk3 ツ says:

    Nick leaves..

    Courage: yeey my time has come

  4. Based on a Drew Story says:

    Oh MY GOD! This was amazing more and more of this! I didn’t know I needed this in my life but that was this best 12 minutes EVER! F**k yeah!

  5. Zetx says:

    100T should switch to acting or making skits.

  6. Mus3 says:

    100 Thieves is the org I’m the most emotionally invested in, i really hope to see you guys do well.

  7. Japop123 says:

    Both Nade and Courage have a great sense of humour, can’t wait to see what content they will make together!

  8. Frizzable says:

    this is how you introduce a content creator to an Org. well done.

  9. Chris says:

    Honestly I watch 100T content just for Jack.. the man’s hilarious ???

  10. xNINJA OUTLAWx says:

    Hilarious video love this!!! Congrats to courage and 100 thieves team!

  11. PInzas Oh yeah yeah says:

    Nickmercs leaves 100 thieves courage comes in?

  12. MeMe Gareth Sanders says:

    So proud of Jack! It’s weird how long it took to announce this but editing takes time i guess. Keep it up!

  13. jdpatch_ says:

    Never was a fan of courage or nade but after watching this I’m completely sold

  14. Infamous Rj says:

    Oh my god, this is hilarious!!!! I laughed soooo hard

  15. EBAG tv says:

    This is the content that’s gonna keep me around, ?T up baby!

  16. Torpedo Peen says:

    Jack running was the best part of the video

  17. Vantage says:

    No one:
    Ninja: Courage is joining 100T

    Nickmercs has left the chat
    Courage has joined the chat

  18. Fallecent says:

    This literally remind me of an episode of the office ?

  19. Ninja Seal says:

    Nade we need some more ?Thieves merch, I WANT TO BUY THAT JACKET!!

  20. Infiltrated ImYaDadd says:

    This reminds me of modern family LMFAO

    Also I need Subs and views plz help me out

  21. gipagayake says:


  22. trfxoxcqmm says:


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