Court Cam: Florida Man TWERKS To Get Judge’s Attention | A&E

Court Cam: Florida Man TWERKS To Get Judge’s Attention | A&E

While a judge is looking over paperwork in the courtroom, the defendant tries desperately to get her attention and decides twerking is the best method, in this scene from Season 4, Episode 17.


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40 Responses

  1. A&E says:

    Stay up to date on all of A&E’s premieres at

  2. Matthew Avery says:

    The Judge is not amused by the man’s twerking

    Her reaction was just priceless 😁

    • Cynthia McKinney says:

      You did hear what she said at the end right? She said it as a joke but I know she likes it 😂 😂

    • Ryan Devan says:

      @McAVIT Yourway Nah dude, i can tell from the thumbnail she was not impressed at all.

      Oh wait, nevermind, she was.

    • Raymond J. says:

      One can only imagine what she has to put up with when it comes to individuals similar to him on a daily basis.

    • Matthew Avery says:

      @Who Cares well I ain’t ever twerking, but if he knows any more moves count me in 😁

  3. Evosolutionsllc. says:

    Florida man never disappoints… Always delivers…

    • illusive_nezzy88 says:

      @pbufh it’s way more then what you make, I don’t have a boss….I own a house and a condo and a rolls royce, would you like to compare instagrams and embarrass yourself?

    • pbufh says:

      @illusive_nezzy88 you think 200k is a lot these days????

    • illusive_nezzy88 says:

      @Buster dude I’m so over people talking down and bad about florida…all my friends including myself are successful and have no criminal back ground at all, the problem is, people come from all over the United stated too Florida and then blame us florida bread people for these outsiders….shout out to Tampa tho, I lived out there for 7 years basically my second home I love Tampa…

    • Buster says:

      @illusive_nezzy88 exactly I’ve lived here my whole life in north Tampa and not once even seen anything even half as ridiculous as these ppl think goes on here.

  4. Sam Blitz says:

    This gotta be the funniest court cam i’ve ever seen lmao

  5. Madhukar Jonathan Minj says:

    lmao,the court officials seemed more chill than usual as well

  6. anonymous 81 says:

    At least everyone got a kick out of it 😂


    Funny he started twerking and she looked up like she heard him. Had me rolling. Was fun to watch. Great video

  8. Evelyn Perez says:

    Well, that is one way to get someone’s attention. Whether it is good or bad. Lol.

  9. Juice's LLC says:

    Her reaction was hilarious.. it’s so funny because even after they moved on she said “I need that last guy back that was dancing” 😂😂😂

  10. Errick Flesch says:

    He got his skills from the first time he was locked up. 😂

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