Court Cam: Man on Parole FLIPS OUT After Child Custody Verdict | A&E

Court Cam: Man on Parole FLIPS OUT After Child Custody Verdict | A&E

A man on parole erupts after hearing his child custody verdict in this clip from Season 3, Episode 27.

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35 Responses

  1. Doug Ireland says:

    This is a tough one. Even if the mailed items were completely innocent there’s still just a history of these cases working against him. But yeah he really screwed up making the scene he did after the judge spoke.

    • myopic binoculars says:

      I don’t think it’s that tough. If my wife was a criminal liar (perjury and forgery) and put a tracking device on my car as well, I wouldn’t want to be controlled like that by her or for my kids to be raised in that kind of household. Combined with the constant violation of the no-contact order I think the judge is right, he’s obsessive and controlling and needs to get himself together. Imagine being married to a woman like that.

    • donaldlyons17 says:

      He already in trouble. It will not get better ever.

    • misterlastnamehere says:

      This dude needs to go to the corner & count to 💯

    • T Mayorca says:

      You’re right he had every right to mail those packages and the ex-wife she be charged with filing a false claim

  2. Lynda Mac says:

    I have watched all the pervious cases. This guy is a complete nut..

    • Santrice McPherson says:

      where is it located to watch?

    • Ricky Allen says:

      You’re the Macadamian , Lynda, the man is torn. We all know how women act when a man leaves or cheats. Now let’s take ur kids away. U will go nuts. Right,?..As u shud!

    • kkrobertson1 says:

      Yet she still married the guy and hand kids with him, make that make sense! He did not become crazy over-night. He was like that from day one!

    • George Viada says:

      @jbt PA Maybe the mother of his kids should get the kids a financially competent stepfather. I’m glad I’ve never been a dad in my entire life. Or let the uncle take over the custody of the kids.

    • J Brooski says:

      @Christ is King You need to do some research on this case. He is indeed a danger to his children, it’s not even debatable.

  3. John F says:

    That lawyer is really trying to do his client a solid here.

    • Captain Ho Slappin says:

      Yeah, I feel like all he did was mail his kids presents. There may or.may not actually be a good reason for the no contact order, but he’s trying to mail his children presents, the idea he isn’t allowed to see his children is bad enough, but the idea they’re arresting a man for sending presents to his children should really show everybody how men are treated in child custody hearings. He’s not being malicious, or doing anything terrible. He’s mailing his children presents and the judge is treating him like a dangerous criminal, that is not right.
      It just reminded me of my dad who would send child support every single month to my mom, then after a week or so and my mom had spent all the money on alcohol amd drugs she’d turn to me and my sister and say, “well, we won’t have money for food again this month. You’re @$$hole father never sent child support again. Years later, I’m in my late 20s, my mom is still getting money out of my father she divorced 17 years ago because she lies claiming he never paid child support. He actually has a box full of receipts the people at the courthouse refuse to look at, and she had drained his entire bank account before while I was actually living with him and not her, over child support.
      That is besides the point though. This man is not a dangerous criminal. He’s a man trying to show his kids he loves them and the judge obviously has a biased in the situation against him. This is completely wrong.

    • Eric White says:

      @Captain Ho Slappin violation of a restraining order a court ordered restraining order, honestly even if the judge didn’t know his past like this one did that’s enough to grant the motion.

    • Grace Munich says:

      why bother, his client is a sleazy liar and should be in prison! WTH?

    • Andy Blacksmith says:

      @Captain Ho Slappin They brought up the fact that this wasn’t the first time he’d gone against a court order, including not giving up his weapons and saying that he did. You have no idea if he’s dangerous or not and you have no idea why the no contact order is in place.

    • Deedee Monroe says:

      @Captain Ho Slappin follow the case. He continually violated court orders, harassed his wife, planted devices in her car, attempted to abduct the kids. It may seem innocent and that’s exactly what he want you to think but it is not innocent at all. He knew exactly what he was doing was wrong.

  4. Sea Witches on Rye says:

    ive been following this dudes antics for a while now, great case study for custody and family court, on what NOT to do

  5. clapoutloud66 clapoutloud66 says:

    This man who was handicuffed is violent and does not pay attention to the judges orders, does anyone think that just maybe his kids want nothing to so with the nut job. His ex wife needs keep him out of her life that that of the children, he is not stable and could hurt them and her, her seriously did not follow the police requests to let them handcuff him, so he is a danger to others.

  6. Jeffrey P. says:

    I felt bad for the guy untill I did some research. Like the judge said he has a long history of not following the rules. Then tries to say he misunderstood the exact court order. The judge did exactly what she was elected to do! Great job!

    • Alyssa Snider says:

      Thank you for doing further research, it’s easy to feel sorry for him when all you see is this video but when you gather all the details there’s no question what’s really going on.

    • DVC050311 says:

      Judge is educated in narcissistic behavior. I wish all judges (men and women) would recognize it during divorces. My ex got away with so much it’s not even funny. And he was violent compared to this guy.

    • Green Goddess says:

      @DVC050311 totally agree! I thought same, thank goodness she saw through the narcissistic patterns. They always think they have a good reason to break the rules like they don’t apply to them. And there was a very good reason why he was warned not to contact them, so he needs to think more about how it affects his children when he breaks the no contact and sends things to the house, or drives by their school, or any other contact. He just cannot stand being told what to do – especially Bc his kids are possessions to him. Does he love and miss them? I have no doubt. But his consequences caught up with him. That’s what he is having a hard time accepting. Because there’s no way he can grasp that it’s due to his own choices. He has a pattern of behavior with the courts. It’s very sad indeed. I hope he’s able to turn it around

    • Grcig says:

      Great job the god in black robes locked the man in a cage for sending his kids gifts in the mail Justice Liberty Freedom !!!!!!!!

  7. Messaiiina says:

    All he did was prove that the judge was right in refusing him bond.

  8. Juan Taylor says:

    “I’m not sure he’s capable of controlling himself.” You’re about to be proven right, judge.

    • PaintedWOLF says:

      You control yourself when a court tells you that you can’t see your kids. Those other charges were from the guy going through a divorce which I’m sure put him through the ringer in the first place.

  9. TimeBucks says:

    This guy is a manipulative monster.

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