Courtney Lee game-winner buzzer-beater lob play: Sacramento Kings at Memphis Grizzlies

Memphis Grizzlies guard Courtney Lee hit the game-winning, buzzer-beating lob to defeat the Sacramento Kings.

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20 Responses

  1. Niko Baladad says:

    Not a Kings fan but I think they got screwed here. The clock didn’t move
    until after the ball left Lee’s hand.

  2. 林宏朕 says:

    Vince Carter is a good pass~

  3. simonpedro123 says:

    These announcers are really biased 

  4. Joseph Frantz says:

    That lay-up was beautiful. Damn lol

  5. aguilaa92 says:

    And this was the way how I won 970€, I still have tachycardia xD…

  6. Austin Powers says:

    Only Kings fans think it was tipped. Listen up Sacramento. The play was
    reviewed for several minutes by the official looking very closely at an HD
    feed, and they determined it was not tipped. They had a much better view of
    it than you. Just accept that your bias is making you butt-hurt.

  7. Tremaine Kearney says:

    The kings are garbage. They give up 26 point lead and end up losing what
    else is new. Lmao

  8. boss kid says:

    i dont know how many of you watched the kings game vs the grizzlies
    last night. well anyway the kings were up by 24 points and lost on a game
    winner. thats similar to the kings vs grilies game in 2010. when o.j mayo
    made a shot with 1.5 sconds left on the clock to make memphis go up 98-97.
    well then former R.O.Y decided he wanted a game winner so he shot it from
    have court for a potential game winner and he drains it. the relation ship
    is the kings won on a buzzer beater at home against the grizlies. and the
    grizlies won on a buzzer beater at home against the kings

  9. samuraiyao says:

    Kings, bunch of idiots leaving a guy wide open like that?

  10. Knoxville Skank says:

    That shot clock operator is soooo WORTHLESS! He should seriously be
    FIRED!!!! HOW DUM MUST HE BE to not be able to discern who touched the ball
    first within three tenths of a second AND push a button at the exact tenth
    of second it happens! DAMN HIM! DAMN HIM STRAIGHT TO HELL!

  11. Eric Baker says:

    Courtney Lee with this one!

  12. Rex Penilla says:

    I thougt the oNly way to make a shot undEr .4 seconds is a tip in. How c0me
    he madE that game winNer, with a lay up?

  13. Rex Penilla says:

    Kings Fan : bad call by the reFS

    GrizZ Fan : awesome, m0ve 0n kings fan

  14. madpolo88 says:

    Fisher had 0.4 and he throw it up like the right after he touched the ball.
    How is Lee able to hold the ball for that long? Robbed! 

  15. Jian Ovejera says:

    Grizzlies now bacome a thought contender i think they will be success in
    this season

  16. Skazellino says:

    Late clock start by the Memphis clock operator. Bogus hometown shit, SAC
    has a legit gripe no way that was legit.

  17. RaginKirbii says:

    This reminded me of Tyreke Evans’s buzzer beater in 2010

  18. El Hajj Malik El says:

    If only Courtney Lee made that layup when he was here in Orlando vs Los
    Angeles in Game 2 of the 2009 NBA Finals….

  19. Ábel Rahyab says:

    You can say whatever you want, but this wasn’t fair. They might deserved
    that lose, they did blow that big lead, and yes, human reaction time isn’t
    that fast. But they can watch it back, slow it down, and discuss if it was
    .3 seconds or not. If you watch it back, it’s clear that it was more, the
    timer started too late. But instead, they give them the basket. 

  20. Matthew Abreu says:

    Kings were robbed. Clock stated once he released the ball. Realistically
    how can he cradle it like that and score in .3 seconds