Courtside watching Kevin Durant, James Harden, & Anthony Edwards! #shorts

Courtside watching Kevin Durant, James Harden, & Anthony Edwards! #shorts

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40 Responses

  1. EKT26 says:

    yo that dlo jump at the end hella funny

  2. Mikefromda1600._ says:

    That flop was crazy😂

  3. zack alvey says:

    That’s why people say he’s unguardable

  4. Doodlebob says:

    I like it how Harden just gave that man a good clean spankin

  5. Savage Reactions says:

    I never seen harden play with this much enthusiasm, I’m glad they got paired together

    • Jakob McDaniel says:

      They played with each other back in Oklahoma city

    • Moses Rodriguez says:

      @Jakob McDaniel To this day I still don’t know why harden chose to come off the bench when he was offered a starter spot. OKC couldve been even more dangerous with the three mvps in the starting lineup

    • Millard Filmore says:

      @Moses Rodriguez I didn’t even realize he was offered a starting spot … I just assumed it was a manu type thing. Man as a lakers fan I remember being a lil kid watching the young thunder play my team in those playoffs whew. Crazy

    • AIYoshi420 says:

      @Moses Rodriguez I think they didn’t give him what he wanted so he went straight to the rockets

    • Doran's Shield says:

      we just need a reunion, then Brooklyn would be even more stacked. Russ, Durant and Harden on the same team again

  6. [GABBY]H0T Girl-C0me 0ver L!ve says:

    I like it how Harden just gave that man a good clean spankin

  7. Ameliya--T[A]P Me!! To Have [S]EX With Me says:

    This man deserves to be in the conversation with Jordan and Bird as one of the greatest shooters of all time. Unlike most players today, Durant isn’t a one trick pony chucking up 3s

    • Blixky says:

      Lol copy

    • Jacob Watson says:

      @Nocing He’s one of the greatest mid range shooters ever just not good from 3 💯

    • Nocing says:

      @Jacob Watson yea mid range but “shooter” means both which means he’s not a great shooter if someone calls me a great finisher just bc I can dunk doesn’t mean that I am if I can’t lay the ball up

    • Bowlman says:

      @Nocing if you’re good at one thing and not another, that doesn’t mean you’re not good. That’s why he made the specification of mid range shooter. Not overall shooter or long range shooter, because that’s not what he’s good at. But mid range, because he was good at shooting there

    • Daniel Oceans says:

      @Nocing Jordan is the best mid-range shooter ever. Check his efficiency lol and they were grabbing him worst than what KD is complaining about

  8. z says:

    That’s why he’s dubbed “unguardable.”


    Bro that last clip of James harden floppping I’m deadass laughing my ass off

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