Covfefe, Kushner & An Idiot Abroad | May 31, 2017 Pt. 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

Covfefe, Kushner & An Idiot Abroad | May 31, 2017 Pt. 1 | Full Frontal on TBS

Whether at home or abroad, we must remember, nobody in the White House knows what the fuck they’re doing.

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20 Responses

  1. God Likes Porn with Ben the Demon says:

    Covfefe still makes more sense than Trump’s entire foreign policy.

  2. YouWhat? says:

    Samantha, please don’t desert us again for three weeks… my sanity depends on you.

  3. Adam Tak says:

    Thank you for numbering these 🙂

  4. Standey Joseph says:

    Sorry Yemen?

  5. Closing the Loop says:

    Trump is architecting his own words.

  6. A Cool Million says:

    Spicer said, “A small group of people know what the president meant.” Hmm, could “covfefe” be putindent code for “covert mission: f everyone; f everyone”?

  7. Sana Ahsan says:

    Oh my god, the mad max references!

  8. Jeff Foehringer says:

    First one here to say: What about Hillary and her emails!!?!!!!!!!

    C’mon, someone else would have said it.

  9. Alex Nore says:

    If it wasn’t for comedians like Sam, Trevor, Stephen, John Oliver and Bill I don’t know what I would do. I seriously owe them my sanity right now, thank you so much for helping me laugh at this disastrous administration that’s trying to destroy our country.

  10. j r says:

    why didn’t they just say it was a typo!?

  11. Renato E says:

    covfefe: I would bet he just tweted out the nuclear code

  12. berlindude75 says:

    Trump (sitting on his golden toilet, texting): “MELANIA! Yuge question! How do you spell ‘kerfuffle’?!”
    Melania (from a different room, yelling): “Oh, let me think, Donald… Cee- Ohh- Vee-… uh… Eff- Eeh- Eff- Eeh-…”

  13. Cisco says:

    Trump has tremendous stamina. Those golf carts are cramped and uncomfortable, you tire quickly of them after a few minutes.

  14. Tamekia Evans says:

    Her Ivanka voice over though…🤣🤣💀

  15. Molly .S says:

    “Architecting” 😂😂😂

  16. Jack Kraken says:

    We need more Samantha Bee!
    And may the *covfefe* be with you!

  17. silat13 says:

    Nobody puts Covfefe in a corner..

  18. Lara Neves says:

    Wait what was that talking point of the republicans? “Hillary is too sick to lead” Well here’s Trump that neither can walk long distances or stairs, and falls asleep in the middle of twitting

  19. hhris C says:

    Sam b, your friggen hot

  20. Daniel Marks says:

    except cov fe’fe is a Arabic term that means “I stand up”

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