COVID-19: Will New York City be quarantined for coronavirus?

COVID-19: Will New York City be quarantined for coronavirus?

Governor Andrew Cuomo tells 60 Minutes he “can’t imagine” the nation’s biggest city with restrictions like Italy’s. See the full report on the New York coronavirus containment zone, here:

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94 Responses

  1. dirtyvarmint says:

    him: “I can’t imagine a quarantine of New York city.”
    me: *SMH*

    • Christopher Thomas says:

      @Jimmy Walter What is this? Why don’t you say what you want instead of this vague nonsense? Please hit us with this conspiracy theory of yours…

    • Jimmy Walter says:

      Do your own research…I’ve been trying to learn as much as possible since February you think I’m gonna share with you my theory ,so I can get poked fun at and thought of as crazy …nope…you got google…find out for yourself….kinda like 9-11 they released an official report and it took 10 years before people started questioning it. I can wait for yall to catch up.

    • Christopher Thomas says:

      @Jimmy Walter Yes, because commenting about how corona is a ruse and simply a Trojan horse for something much worse, and then refusing to elucidate when asked, won’t prompt people to poke fun at you and think of you as crazy…

    • Jimmy Walter says:

      @Christopher Thomas youtube 5G reason for caronavirus by casanova2world…should be halfway down with a biohazard symbol and about 1 hr long…I’m not an idiot nor am I a sheep, so give it 15 min and if you dont like it dont watch it…if it makes some sense keep watching it I watched the whole thing…all I can say is that I really hope it’s not true..and it’s all made up…because if it is true, the “coronavirus” is the absolute least of our worries..imo..give it a look

    • Jimmy Walter says:

      @Christopher Thomas if 25% is real..that’s still an extreme problem we need to know about..and I honestly was hesitant until the pieces seem to fit together.

  2. Jose Santana says:

    It has to happen because New York City is a large City. If We don’t get quarantined it will be unstoppable to contain.

  3. C S says:

    If the past week has taught me anything, it’s that whatever they say they can’t imagine happening is usually about 24-48 hours away.

  4. Mob Rules says:

    Sounds like he has inside information

  5. Gerardine Cizmar says:

    I’m a homebody and I’ve never liked crowds. As I’ve gotten older, I’ve enjoyed staying home more until now. The psychological effects are annoying if not eventually maddening. You don’t mind what you’re doing, in fact, you like it until you realize you have to do it to preserve your life.

    • Gerardine Cizmar says:

      @The Executioner Also, how many people have their nose in their phones constantly? People are obsessed with the damned things.

    • Gerardine Cizmar says:

      @Fox Mask Gamer I’m sorry that you have to go through this. I’m self-employed and I love Amazon lol. Stores are a big waste of time anyway between having to find what you need and the lines. I love shopping at my leisure with my keyboard. You don’t have to worry much about the virus if you’re by yourself but I understand missing family members. Good that you’re taking vitamin D. I’ve been telling people to take it who were going out because it helps with lung health and Covid attacks the lungs.
      Wishing you the best.

    • Gerardine Cizmar says:

      @Kmak Milly There you go.

    • Gerardine Cizmar says:

      @Nemesis1ism I’m 0-

    • Gerardine Cizmar says:

      @22dallas1 Exactly. Look at what happened in Italy.

  6. Cristian Villanueva says:

    Just quarantine the city protect your people before disaster strikes

    • Jimmy Walter says:

      @Aron James doesnt mean they wont have one miraculously and then have people lining up for it…did u know back when HIV and aids was really bad they accidentally put too much of the virus in the vaccine and ended up killing 50 million I believe…cuz after all a vaccine is just a small amount of the virus amongst other things and your body fights it off giving u a slight immunity to it…who’s to say they dont have a vaccine..I dont know and neither do you…but I’ll tell ya one thing..the TV and the media are probably hiding the truth from you for some reason…when was the last time they told us the whole entire truth?????

    • Jimmy Walter says:

      @Marcel Rodriguez I’m gonna go ahead and put your name down under idiot you dont mind do you?? When was the last time the country as a whole faced a pandemic 1918?? When was the last time u witnessed or anybody you know witnessed the country being shut down and on lockdown as a whole???? Never that’s absolutely correct.

    • Trump's Liberation Army 2017-2025 says:

      Don’t panic. The government will feed everyone.
      Just stay home and someone from the government will deliver free food to your front door.

    • Cristian Villanueva says:

      @t s hi?

    • Cristian Villanueva says:

      @Jase Walters I’m just going to mark you down as “absent of thought”

  7. NCX NotIce says:

    Welp looks like I’m not going back to school anytime soon, sigh online homework and classes 😐

  8. KIM JONG UN says:

    This crap is better in a movie…

    • Nemesis1ism says:

      @Dandelionwishes 1072 Maybe this poem will help you.

    • CrazyBrick30 says:

      @WindBreaker Not just religious nutjobs. I wish I had saved articles from around 15 years ago or so because I’m POSITIVE I read in some super scientific news article that we were supposed to be seeing coastal cities flooding by now and it was inevitable and irreversible at the time. Did “inevitable” and “irreversible” suddenly lose meaning over 15 years or…? And let’s not forget 12-21-12. 😛 There’s fearmongering featuring the end of the world on every conceivable side stretching back as far as recorded history and I’m sure far before then. No one practice can claim all the credit…

    • Sumo B says:

      @Nemesis1ismits like if I said and then superman and the justice league will come and save the day 😂 keep your prehistoric comics references to yourself..and remember be clean and safe out there

    • Nemesis1ism says:

      @Sumo B We shall see will we not?

    • Sumo B says:

      @Nemesis1ism yeah unfortunately we will lol

  9. Bruce David says:

    Cuomo looks like Vince Mcmahon

  10. Jonathan says:

    Tom Clancy’s The Division

  11. Joninfiction says:

    What is the point in staying ten feet apart when they’ve touched the same object?

    • roski The_don says:

      Welcome to the non existant logic of seemingly everyone lately.

    • Squishy McDuff says:

      Trying to strike more fear as usual…

    • Philip Bridges says:

      @Squishy McDuff 🏌️‍♂️exactly. Incite fear so the public is easier to control. . Convince them to be fearful – isolate them and then control them. A nation who is told and taught to be fearful is more likely to give into the urges of whoever taught them about why they should be afraid

    • Squishy McDuff says:

      Philip Bridges Yup, it’s all part of the Elite’s agenda to keep us at a low vibration!

    • Mitchem Callahan says:

      That’s not how it spreads. Spreads by droplets that enter your body via facial cavities

  12. PooPotPrang says:

    So happy that mass media is doing it’s part in stoking the flames of panic in the American people.

  13. jeremy davis says:

    Self quarantine, huh? Sounds like business as usual for me…

    • UberLummox says:

      @Frank Bellomo That’s right big Frank,,,,,them dummie librul’s can self quarentean,,,,,,
      were smart enough to know this is a democrat hokes,,,,,,bisnes as usual,,,,we have privit club cus all tha bars are closed,,,,ware camo an a red hat an your in,,,,,we sneeze on each other for fun!

    • Frank Bellomo says:

      @UberLummox sorry you can’t be a Republican . Doesn’t look like you know how to spell or write.. you have my sympathy

    • UberLummox says:

      @Frank Bellomo I thot that was the pre-wreckwizzit? What else must I do to become as intellectually advanced as you? I’m really trying to fit in.

    • Frank Bellomo says:

      @UberLummox let me guess your Millennial so I will tell you what you have to do. First put your phone down walk up the stairs to your parents cuz I’m sure you live in the basement and tell Mom and Dad you change your ways your going to get a job and support yourself you realized the world does not owe you a damn thing tell me how that works out and then get back to me

    • UberLummox says:

      @Frank Bellomo Aaah,….SO close buddy! You’re only off by 2 generations. And I’m retired. Only have a flip-fone and the folks died a few years ago. Damn. I so wanted help from you specifically since you’re so worldy and all. Plus your replys have been so brilliantly smart and funny. Seriously, stay well. Love to you and yours.

  14. Jake Lineman says:

    Let’s quarantine all of our bills as well please. Just put it on hold.

  15. Vripper says:

    Why in the world did the Health Organization of the US not BAN incoming and outgoing travel when China declared its state of emergency. That is protocol. Should learn from this

  16. Jim NORRIS says:

    It’s gotten to the point I don’t want to even look at YouTube.
    Coronavirus Coronavirus Coronavirus Coronavirus Coronavirus

  17. Appomattox Rose says:

    Airplane II:
    Man: “Stewardess. Are you telling us everything?”
    Stewardess: “Oh, I almost forgot. We’re also out of coffee.”
    Passengers: “AAAAAAAAAaahhhhhhhhhh!”

  18. James Davis says:

    Dr. Anthony Fauci. Has little man issues. He thinks he has power
    And he reminds me of Adam Schiff. Question his history going back 30 years. He is full of it

  19. When I say Lady in red says:

    Fear. .fear. ..fear. …big game is being played ( successfully)

  20. damaidastouch says:

    No offense they can shut us down in hours like 911. So yes, I can imagine a quarantine

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