Cowboys fans voice their frustrations after playoff loss: ‘Terrible since 1995’

Cowboys fans voice their frustrations after playoff loss: ‘Terrible since 1995’

As the referees sprinted up the tunnel and distraught fans launched full bottles and cans of $10 beer onto the turf, the Dallas Cowboys looked around in hopes there would be one more play to keep their season alive.

There wasn’t one. And they only have themselves to blame.

The Cowboys’ season ended on a 17-yard scramble by quarterback Dak Prescott.

It’s a sight Dallas Cowboys fans have been seeing for years — a great regular season but nothing to show for it in the playoffs. STORY:

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59 Responses

  1. DeVstatrOmga says:

    *27 years* – That’s how long the Cowboys haven’t sniffed an NFC Championship game let alone win a Super Bowl. That’s approaching 3 decades. *People paid for a BILLION DOLLAR* stadium, merchandise, season tickets. And this is what they put out on the field? Meanwhile the fans are paying for Jerry’s life style, his Yachts and private Helicopters. I ask, why are people still going to the games? Why are we rewarding Jerry for almost 30 years of failure? Draw the line in the sand folks!

    • Herman Blume says:

      Jerry’s a bigger grifter than Donald Trump or Bernie Madoff. And that’s no small praise.

    • Ember Fire Dawg says:

      Boycott the cowboys 2022

    • plantfeeder says:

      That’s HOFer Jerry Jones legacy!

    • J. Diablo says:

      This is exactly what I keep saying. Dallas Cowboys have no excuse, this why we are the laughing stock of the NFL. We, the fans, need to show tough love and boycott the Dallas Cowboys. We need to demand change and stop putting so much money into Jerry’s pocket. This has to happen, its the best thing we can do for our team.

    • She For The Streets says:

      @tejano2k11 “tejano2k11” ur opinion means nothing💀💀💀 I know ur like 12 years old 😂

  2. She For The Streets says:

    It’s a embarrassment to be a cowboys fan right now it’s bout to be 30 years since our last super bowl appearance and can’t even make a nfc championship appearance…. It’s getting embarrassing we the joke of the nfl even if we did advance we was not beating the Bucs…. By the way we played today

  3. D Mack says:

    Dak played like trash. His decision making and pocket presence is/was mediocre at best.

  4. GeneralShadow says:

    Keep in mind the Jets have made the AFC championship THREE TIMES since the Cowboys last appearance. THE JETS have had more success than Dallas over the last 25 years.

    • Robbie Sarkioglu says:

      @chaosawaits Jets did cheat they spygated against the Pats and the Pats spygated them back. Also you asked if anything your one of those guys yourself trying to overlook cheating smh

    • chaosawaits says:

      @Robbie Sarkioglu nah, Spygate and Deflategate were huge duds. But we obviously disagree, which is fine.

    • Robbie Sarkioglu says:

      @chaosawaits if that’s the case why were they penalized for it 4logic

    • linton blaise says:

      All that for one SB though

    • chaosawaits says:

      @Robbie Sarkioglu Deflategate is the lamest of all cheating scandals, especially considering the numbers Brady puts up now in his 40s. Is he still deflating balls or did his fingers grow in old age? You’re just a hater.

  5. M. Alley says:

    Football is a team sport. Stop blaming the quarterbacks when they lose and giving them all the praise when they win. Your defense allowed the 49ers to extend drives therefore, the clock was ticking.

    • Rae Lighty says:

      @Micah Johnson Boxing His stats are almost identical to patrick mahomes stats. $30 million is alot of money to pay someone, but he’s not average. Jalen Hurts is a perfect example of an average QB

    • David Paz says:

      Dak’s only consistency is his inconsistency! The offense starts with him but after six years he’s still a work in progress. He still doesn’t know how to throw the ball away! It’s better to just lose a down than to lose a down and 8, 10, or 15 yards.

    • Google User says:

      So true but win teams win the qauterback gets all the commercials.

    • Mack Daddy says:

      Nope. Blame the Refs 😂

    • Google User says:

      @Mack Daddy no blame Prescott the playoff choke master

  6. Alex Fu says:

    Folks, with 14 seconds left on the clock and no timeout, running the ball/QB draw just isn’t a thing. It was an absolutely insane and reckless playcall, if indeed that was what Kellen Moore called instead of Dak deciding to do his own thing. If that was what Kellen Moore called, then you have another problem because that is terrible coaching. If you still have a timeout and you want to risk it, fine. But, no timeout? Just no way.

    • Gaming says:

      The coaching was horrible, head coach did not have the team ready, defense and offense.

    • mario Jimenez says:

      @Gaming what McCarthy didn’t have a team ready, or disciplined no way, cough cough Packers NFC championship vs the Seahawks. At least Rodgers was elite enough to carry him there.

    • Paul Varjak says:

      The moment Dak took off up the middle I knew it was over. I couldn’t believe that was the call. With no chance to stop the clock you run up the middle? It’s exactly the *wrong* thing to do.

    • Mr. panch wetshaving says:

      They couldve gotten 2 hail marys with 14 seconds

  7. LABRA979 says:

    The Jaguars have more playoff wins in the last 25 years than the Cowboys…

  8. MrCarterFX says:

    Watching the Cowboys game is like watching a boxer getting into the ring and hit themselves with uppercuts And left hooks

  9. Jay R says:

    I didn’t think a Dallas QB could choke worse than Romo until Dak came along

  10. Marsha says:

    Can’t believe they are not use to losing! Only home team that lost so far. Curse of Jimmy Johnson is here to stay in Dallas!

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