Cowboys vs. Colts Week 15 Highlights | NFL 2018

Cowboys vs. Colts Week 15 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Dallas Cowboys take on the Indianapolis Colts during Week 15 of the 2018 NFL season.

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74 Responses

  1. Super Bad Vlogs says:

    who’s ready to here colin cowherd rip dak ans the cowboys

  2. JARRUS G says:

    Guess Jerry couldn’t pay the refs this week

    • B-Columbian Truther says:

      Well, USAToday is reporting that there was a problem last week with the automated ACH payments processing over from Jerry Jone’s offshore accounts. Jerry Jones’ rarely seen PR rep told the Dallas Morning News this evening that payments will be back on schedule for next week’s game against Tampa Bay.

  3. M Garcia says:

    What an amazing game, #25 Mack RB, made this his game. Luck was so pattient and TY Hilton was so accurate in his receptions. Also Deffensive team made an incredible job. Keep going team!! ?

  4. Survival Matters says:

    Jerry should have told the cowgirls to “treat this game like the super bowl”.

  5. mrdestiny2011 says:

    Andrew Luck 2018 NFL comeback player of the year! End of story!

  6. Anthony Lopez says:

    Before you laugh at children who believe in Santa Claus, remember that there are people who believe in the Cowboys.

  7. Dee Dee says:

    Dak and Cooper before the game ?
    Dak and Cooper after the game ?

    • Ayoo says:


  8. Allie Derrick says:

    Skip burning daks jersey right about now lol

  9. Trump 2020 says:

    Dak only has skills to be a career backup qb

  10. ChicagoDefense says:

    But wait I thought y’all had the best defense in the league ??

  11. 123 RF says:

    The boys ran out of Luck …….

  12. Mike Conville says:

    How bout dem CHOKERS!!!

  13. David Nagy says:

    And this is the team that won against the saints

    • Bruce Lee says:

      David Nagy Thursday night game. At Dallas. Cowboys just got lucky that night ??‍♂️

    • Brendan Chwascinski says:

      See they are calling us losers

    • abel rendon says:

      Yes it’s the same team lol y’all acting like your teams haven’t lost this season. Look just because you beat the best don’t make you the best you just need to peak at the right time. Boys still making playoffs while, this was a game that most fans feared and now you know why.

    • Mark Vargas says:

      It happens though your not always gonna have your best game. Even if your the best.

    • keith jones says:

      Yes! With the help of the NFL & its Ref”s, I told you they would go back to being the team their record says they are!

  14. Daniel says:

    Cowboys needed a reality check. Our defense has been bailing us out of games when the offense underperforms. That doesn’t work every week!

    • The Moral Compass Everybody says:

      It would help if they didn’t go for it on every 4th down

    • Foolish Demon says:

      +TF JAK3ST3R Well, if you take into account that the NFC East has been around for years, having 22 NFC East titles, and as mentioned twice since 2010. That isn’t every other year, and not even every 2 years.

    • StunnaCole says:

      Yeah bro don’t panic from this game. I no I’m not

    • Lord Lu Bu says:

      The problem is you don’t have an offense. Zeke is your whole offense, if he is shutdown you have literally no way to score. Dak is a career backup QB AT BEST and people are finally starting to see that.

    • StunnaCole says:

      +Lord Lu Bu yea I been sayin that. I even have a dak jersey as a gift but he trash in my opinion

  15. Tony Rivera says:

    Cowboys got a huge slice of humble pie!!!!

  16. Kindle Watson says:

    When the refs dont help out the Cowboys suck!!

    • Kindle Watson says:

      +Black Jeezus overrated..dude your team sucks..everyone with eyes have seen how yall been winning(help from the refs)..who have yall blown out?..nobody..yall was barely winning

    • J James says:

      Cowboy fans. We dont wanna hear about when you beat the eagles n saints.thats in the past. What about the ass whipping the colts gave about that

    • J James says:

      +Kindle Watson he ass hurt the cowgirls lost

    • Craig Adams says:

      Cowgirls fans live in the past, always have multiple excuses and blame refs with every game, and are unrealistically optimistic after 1 win over any team.

    • Jay Zbieszkowski says:

      Kindle Watson they helped Dallas this game lmaoo

  17. Defcamp & Melderon TV says:

    Eagles fans here. Thank you, Indianapolis!

  18. Justin C says:

    Cowboys shut out. Patriots lost. It’s a great day in America.

  19. Cyn Alaniz says:

    Looks like Zeke was fed too much didn’t have appetite!

  20. Lawrence Mason says:

    My Colts did they thang

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