Cowboys vs. Giants Week 17 Highlights | NFL 2018

Cowboys vs. Giants Week 17 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Dallas Cowboys take on the New York Giants during Week 17 of the 2018 NFL season.

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100 Responses

  1. Spidey7747 says:


  2. Yoboi Boy says:

    Dak Prescott stats: 27/44 for 387 yds, 4 tds and 0 INTs

    Shannon tomorrow: skiup, dak missed a wide open amari cooper. That was a terrible game by dak. The defense got the last stop. They saved him once again.

    Edit: I know the giants suck, but my point is that dak is damned regardless of what he does

    • Pope On A Rope says:

      +Tracy Simms I’m a Cowboys fan. But I’m a REALIST Cowboys fan. Are u referring to the same Seahawks that already beat Dallas earlier in the season? Face it. Dak is not good enough to get it done against that Seattle defense. Let’s be real. Not like he’s good like Romo was or anything. Romo was a true franchise QB. Dak is mediocre at best.

    • Randy Johnson says:

      +Tracy Simms this was a game against the giants d that didnt matter if they win or loss

    • Tracy Simms says:

      +Pope On A Rope That was all the way in week 3 when the Cowboys lost to Seattle. Before we went 3-5 and then went on the hot winning streak when everyone said that the season was over with. Also that game was @ Seattle wasn’t it? The Seahawks are a different team on the road sometimes and even lost to the Niners on the road, I believe.

      Romo lost to the Seahawks in a playoff game. And has had awful games in elimination games where he wasn’t even able to score a TD and as a result the Cowboys got blown out. Romo was a “franchise” QB with only 2 playoff wins. But, I’m sure as usual his supporters will blame everyone else for not winning the Superbowl in the Romo era.

    • Mike Coles says:

      Yeah, Sharpe tomorrow….Skeeeuup, Dak, blah, blah, blah, blah. I’m sick of these f….in Dak naysayers, putting him down. Not the future for the Boys. Don’t give him the big contract. Screw em!!! He is the Man!!

    • Tracy Simms says:

      +Randy Johnson Dak doubters will find a reason to discredit him or bash him, if he somehow has a big productive game against the Seahawks defense.

  3. Moses Salazar says:


  4. Yoboi Boy says:

    For a game that meant nothing, this was incredibly entertaining.

  5. IamAnø0b says:

    how bout dem cowboys

  6. TheAwesomeSosa 123 says:

    What a game. And the giants look like they will be a great team next season. Good game.

  7. SlenderPig 13 says:

    When your actually first and not lying

  8. ElmoFelmo says:

    This was so close.
    My miracle for Dallas came true.

    Thank you god

  9. Koy says:

    This is the best I’ve seen the Cowboys offense play all year…

    I know they put up 40 points on the Jags, but this game was without Zeke

    • dj ortiz says:

      What o line? Most of the starters have been hurt ?

    • Jesse Sherman says:

      Scrub what o line ?!

    • Jesse Sherman says:

      Adrian what do you mean no defense lmao it’s a division game none the less we played back ups except for our qb tf the defense were playing their equals if you say their starters aren’t good that means they are worthy second and third stringers which is what the cowboys played

    • Ugly Nigga says:


    • abel rendon says:

      Adrian Giants defense isn’t that bad, it’s ranked 2 below Seattle. Plus it was good enough to put the Bears to sleep. Bears offense is supposed to be better than the Boys. Giants had a huge advantage playing their starters WITH home field. Gtfoh with your trash excuses and quit being a Stan of the Boys watching their highlights.

  10. HOW BOUT dem COWBOYS says:

    GG Giants that was a really close game. Dak looked really good sooo playoffs here we come!

    Edit:Thank you for the likes

  11. Justin D says:

    I’ve never seen a more exciting meaningless game ever!!!!!

    • Dez Caught it says:

      Raiders and Browns was a good one

    • Jacob Rodriguez says:

      Lol this comment wins haha

    • Abraham Gutierrez says:

      Why meaningless?.. Exciting?.. Heck yeah!!!.. To close the season on the road against a division rival with a dub?.. Prescott having a phenomenal game showing us why he took Romo’s throne. Even the backups playing for the backups gave Prescott just enough time to slice up that Vagiants defense. Exciting AF!!!!

  12. xFadeAway says:


  13. Justin D says:

    That’s how you finish going into the playoffs!! Go COWBOYS!!!

    • K Dizzle1207 says:

      You are wrong
      1.) it’s a division game
      2.) it’s a road game
      3.) it’s a division game on the road
      4.) our team team is in the playoffs
      5.) if we were a bottom 10 team we would be
      6.) your team went 5-11

    • Ryan St. Pierre says:

      Ljloving 424 y’all won’t even make the playoffs tonight shut up

    • SlenderPig 13 says:

      Cristiang Gutierrez
      We did beat the Saints and ruined there 10 game win streak

    • XXXGAMER2424 says:

      Justin D Dallas are not going deep in the playoffs and definitely not the super bowl

  14. Winston Mandangu says:

    Dak is clutch af and Blake Jarwin needs starting job.

    • Perkaholic says:

      DC4L damn bru you got two right hands. Feels bad

    • Perkaholic says:

      Dave Saenz 15+ game winning drives in 4th quarter or OT in his first 3 seasons and bringing his playoff game against Green Bay back to 31-31 after being down 31-13 and losing on 2 lucky plays isn’t clutch?
      Also if you have an elbow, knee, or your ass down in bounds with the ball under control all before your feet go out of bounds it’s a catch regardless of whether both feet got in. It’s a touchdown

    • Randy Johnson says:

      +Faze Sprite cranberry what’s that was this a playoff game because neither have won that

  15. Guillermo Garcia says:

    Anyone else like Jarwin and Schultz more than Rico Gathers?

  16. White kid from polar express says:

    The best “meaningless “ game you will witness.

  17. Tanner Tot says:

    Dang that was a good game. GG Giants and Go Cowboys! Playoff Bound! #wedemboyz

  18. Neil Hatrick Harris says:

    That catch was LITERALLY the Beas-knees….

  19. Dak N Zeke #Lead Us To Glory says:

    The reason why the defense wasn’t doing that good was because they were in the field and that’s due to not having zeke. When we have zeke were able to run the ball and drain the clock which gives our defense time to rest. I hope you get what I’m trying to say

    • Diego Montelongo says:

      So thats why you guys rely on zeke

    • Dak N Zeke #Lead Us To Glory says:

      Starters were out there some rotated so that is a reason but them being on the field too much is the main reason

    • Ingram Jones says:

      Nah, smith is just as good and played very well today. It’s because of the other starters that weren’t on the field. Irregardless of any of that, your defense is suppose to do their job. Today they didn’t.

    • Steven says:

      Barely beat my Giants, who finished a bottom 10 team. Delusional cowgirl fans. #GiantsPride

  20. Mystery Man says:

    Intense game! I never sat down, Cowboys played their hearts out so did the Giants. Thats what a rivalry team does…play their guts out and leave everything on the field.

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