Cowboys vs. Redskins Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2018

Cowboys vs. Redskins Week 7 Highlights | NFL 2018

The Dallas Cowboys take on the Washington Redskins during Week 7 of the 2018 NFL season.

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93 Responses

  1. modroid ! says:

    Skkiiiiuuuuuuuup…. cant wait for tomorrow morning .

  2. Colby Branham says:

    That kick looked good until the end

  3. Josh #LarryFitz #BetterThanMoss #11GOAT BIRDGANG says:

    To think that this would’ve gone into OT if that lineman hasn’t false started. Crazy…

  4. Nathan Shirley says:

    They shut zeke down πŸ˜‚

  5. Spidey7747 says:

    Tony should be our coach or mentor Dak.

  6. TJ STEELER says:

    When Dallas fails America becomes more united

  7. Gaston Medrano-Frias says:

    As a redskins fan I’m happy that we won but what a game coming down to the last second

  8. Keven V says:


    • Chi-Town Mike says:

      Most arrogant fan base would have to be tha patriots in my opinion, but dallas fans aren’t to far behind

    • Keven V says:

      Chi-Town Mike but at least they win so they can back it up but the Cowboys don’t even do that

    • Keven V says:

      shane bradley they’re still delusional and arrogant no matter what

    • Chi-Town Mike says:

      +Keven V lol, I feel u, cant argue wit that, my bro in law is a patriots fan, i enjoy pickin on him every chance i get, as a fan I really could care less bout a championship, tha trash talk is tha best part of football, I’m a bears fan and I work around cowboy and packer fans so imagine how fun my life is

  9. ColdCase File32 says:

    Another game when you’re like, β€œπŸ€”Dak might be okay……nah nvm he still sucks”

    • Big Slimm says:


    • Chi-Town Mike says:

      Dak was great, field goal kicker missed the field goal, i think had it gome to overtime Dallas wouldve won. Dak was good his rookie year because the league wasnt ready for him, he was studied in tha off season so of course after his rookie year his numbers will drop, dallas fans need to stop blaming a good quarterback for EVERY loss cuz its not his fault, not a cowboy fan but I DO notice the skills of dak and Zeke…2 of my favorite players

    • ThePersonIn TheCorner says:

      ColdCase File32 dak has a great game lol y’all didn’t even watch the game, the o line couldn’t block for their life and Zeke couldn’t get the run game going, that’s what cost us, plus and easy field goal missed

  10. Antwon Clark says:

    GG Redskins good luck with your season

  11. Justin Baldonado says:

    Cant wait for the scootermagruder and skip bayless reaction videos. 🀣🀣🀣

  12. C J says:

    Coming from a Skins fan helluva game Cowboys, hold this L

    • Mandalorian Legion says:

      +maestroearl after last weeks fluke you’d be surprised of the amount of fans that took the bait. Even skip bayless took the bait LOL

    • Perk AHolic says:

      +No.1 Cowboys fan y’all ain’t beating Falcons

    • Jay says:

      You happy you can finally say that? It’s been a long streak for us so enjoy it πŸ˜‚

    • maestroearl says:

      +Mandalorian Legion Yea I’m not mad though because before that game everybody and I mean everybody thought the jaguars would smash us. So either way, that didnt happen. If our defense keeps playing like it has we have a chance against the falcons. Saints, lol not sure about that one. But our offense still needs some work.

    • ShadyShadow x1x says:

      Big Fat L for Cowboys 🀟

  13. Adam E says:

    0-4 on the road. Ladies and Gentlemen, β€œAmerica’s Team”

    • Mario Lopez says:

      +Matt Parsons If Dallas is America’s Team of not doesn’t matter. This does….you guys still suck! And I’m not a Redskins fan.

    • Llama Cebu says:

      +KingSoap88 88 what is it, 40+ years and one Superbowl?

    • Llama Cebu says:

      +Matt Parsons the cowboys claim the title because no other fan base goes to out of state games and sell out a whole level of hotel rooms

      Damn you people need to get your fact straighr

      books have Washington listed as a slim 2-point home favorite with the total set at 41.5 points.

      Vegas wins, imagine that

    • Jay says:

      You still watching aren’t you πŸ˜‚

  14. Spike Spiegel says:

    Dez Bryant rubbing his hands like Birdman as we speak.

  15. Ibad Shamim says:

    Remember when these Cowboy fans were saying they’re back when they beat the Jaguars. Lol couldn’t even beat us with our whole receiving corps missing.

  16. da'ved velazquez says:

    Elite runningback Adrian Peterson and the redskins defeat long time rival Dallas cowboys to take a lead in the NFCE

    ESPN .com

  17. rinku singh says:

    still waiting for jason garrett to get fired….

  18. IntroSpecktive says:

    A win is a win but we got bailed out by our defense and the flag on the field goal. Offense other than AP and the play calling was horrible. 4-2 but doesn’t really feel like it. Hope we can get it together offensively

    • da'ved velazquez says:

      IntroSpecktive dallas D is good this year
      It isn’t like we played an awful defense

    • Brutus Brutus says:

      +Abraham Gutierrez I don’t c the Vikings being all that tough, saints just smashed us! And we know the Rams oc perhaps better than anybody which might get us a slight advantage that other teams haven’t had!? I agree those will b tough matches assuming us and them make the playoffs

    • Kenneth Barbeau says:

      Skins had to have their best receivers out. Its still no excuse for the offense looking the way it did. Who knows what kind of difference it would have made. The good thing now is the defense. Anytime you shut elliott down the way the skins did says alot especially about those 2 bama boys. Last year they would have been gashed by Elliott plus the cowboys offensive line is very good and they still shut it down. Skins had that one play with the blown coverage that ended up allowing a touchdown but other thaan that they look like a legit defense. Once the offense starts clicking the skins are going to be a very good team.

    • Abraham Gutierrez says:

      +Brutus Brutus the way the NFC East is going…bro even at 9-7 even an 8-8 will get 1 team into the post season so long as they take care of their division. I’d actually like to see the Redskins make it…just keeps that NFC East division champ carousel going.. Y’all got a solid defensive line..very disruptive last night and with Dak trying to hold on to the ball like smeagles with his

    • Brutus Brutus says:

      +Abraham Gutierrez looking at the Redskins remaining schedule 10-6 is a real possibility! It’s to early to count out the eagles or the cowboys but the schedule seems favorable for the Redskins

  19. cooop312 says:

    Skip Bayless is Pissed off right now

  20. Devin H says:

    nobody mentioning Peterson ha. He had 99 yrds. Redskins would have lost without that. He still has it and love watching him beast out still.

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