Cowboys vs. Seahawks NFC Wild Card predictions | First Take

Cowboys vs. Seahawks NFC Wild Card predictions | First Take

Damien Woody, Marcus Spears and Domonique Foxworth debate if the Cowboys rocky record in the NFL Playoffs will end up costing them another opportunity as they head to face the Seattle Seahawks in the 2018 NFC Wild Card game.

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98 Responses

  1. Charles Amofordjuoh says:

    Seahawks will win

  2. Ethan Scharf says:

    I’d rather have Skip Bayless on the show then these dumbies

  3. Molly Qerim-Rose says:

    We’re so sorry everyone! We’ve noticed the ratings drop, we’ll be back soon

  4. Ray Harris says:

    Why is Foxworth so proud of being on the Cowboys bandwagon? lmaooo But you know what? He’s sounds like every Dallas Cowboys fan in this segment. Delusional. Good job ESPN

    • XXX says:

      Pele Mcc appreciate the respect. These haters are the real delusional ones.

    • Ballin Too says:

      +Kmoney nah fam cowboys fan base delusional as fuck. Dont know how to act every win feels like superbowl lls gettin sent home vs seahawks book it

    • Ballin Too says:

      +Raymond Garcia they are losing this the playoffs going down. Seahawk defense will expose Dak and make him throw that bitch all game

    • Jerry Gregory says:

      +Thomas Johnson and Seattle barely beat the cardinal a very bad team.Your point

    • Thats Right!!! says:

      Cowboys suck azz and that’s all the sports channels talk about every day all year every year until there season ends in failure. Repeat….

      Go Hawks destroy these punks.

  5. Saoud says:

    Undisputed 2nd string > First Take

  6. Bearboy193 says:

    Seahawks will go into Dallas and smack the Cowgirls on their home field.

    • Bearboy193 says:

      +DC4L 5SB Still haven’t won a SB in like 20 years lol, trash.

    • Platinum Hercules says:

      Go help your mom pay the Wi-Fi bill dumb bitch

    • Platinum Hercules says:

      You’re a bandwagon baby back bitch

    • melt138 says:

      Lol you guys talking about starters this and starters that ……….. ummmmm the cowboys got shut the fuck out and ran and thrown. At will by the colts !!! With all your fucking starters in ! What’s the excuse for that ? Meaningless game too ? Lol gtfo if the colts did that too you Seattle will do it easily too . Top rushing team in the league and fluker is playing this time lol good luck on stopping that . I don’t think any team besides them has been shutout . SHUT . OUT .

    • FortKlipsZ says:

      +PeeWee’s Productions Lmao Shut up You Guys lost to the Cardinals and only made 3 Points You Guys Lost To the 49ers.

  7. Ostro1980 says:

    Only 1.5 favorite at home?? Seahawks gonna ROLL.

  8. Joshua Hunter says:

    I don’t see this blatant talent gap. Where? Seattle has the best linebacker in football. Him and Luke both can hold that one, they have an elite pass rusher, they have the best rushing attack in football and a better QB.

    • Ballin Too says:

      +Raymond Garcia dallas getting sent home so get ready to be mad. Dak ain’t ready

    • Borie Seng says:

      +Raymond Garcia seattle was a completely diffrent team as well lol

    • Sean Guzy says:

      Right, this guy forgot this talented team was in 3rd place looking up 3-5 had to trade another NEEDED talent to boost. lol hes just bias.

    • Shortest SB Champion QB says:

      +Raymond Garcia Yeah and guess what. Seattle is a much more different team too. You’ll see this when they pound Dallas’ big star

    • Confederate Soldier says:

      Saturday night is gonna be tough for you Seattle fans…try not to beat your wives/gfs! Its not their fault yall drew America’s Team in the first round!

  9. Justin Christopher says:

    The entire civilized world is rooting for the Seahawks.

  10. Mgriff7 7 says:

    How Stephen a not goin be here before a Cowboys playoff game

  11. Popolampoh says:

    Havent the Seahawks already beaten the Cowboys this year? And I know for a fact cos I heard it today that the seahawks havent lost a game by one possession this whole season. Listening to this guy he makes it seem like there is such a huge gap between the two teams.

    • Sam707BFBC says:

      Oh and dak is great he has done the most of any qb in 3 years. Go look to see who done the most in 7.

    • Sam707BFBC says:

      And not that it matter now, but since u mentioned the season. We have beat dallas the last 3 games. Including this year. In the last 3 games they have only made 1 td. Look it up.

    • carlito the dog says:

      They did but cowboys fans got like one player and they think there the shit

    • Connman 8d says:

      The Cowboys are a very different team at home AND the Cowboys are a very different team with Amari Cooper. I’m all for you arguing that the Seahawks will win the game, but don’t be the guy who rests his entire argument on the outcome of a game from week 3 of the regular season that happened in Seattle’s building before the Cowboys acquired their 2nd best offensive weapon. Oh by the way, Zeke ran WILD in that game but the Cowboys lost mainly because of costly turnovers.

    • Benji McCaw says:

      J Brown they played in week 3 when Dallas had an even record and Seattle were 0-2 after spending two weeks on the road

  12. Willie Habimana says:

    Domonique got dominated hard in this debate ?

  13. Gilbert Gastelum says:

    I got Shaqeem Griffin sackin Dak this weekend ❗️❗️

  14. Clinton Alford says:

    Woody is speaking facts. Give me Russell and Coach Carroll.

    • randomtalker88 says:

      @Clintob Alford, touché I can’t go against that argument, but still I think my Cowboys will win because we are at home and Dallas should win this game.

    • randomtalker88 says:

      I ain’t gonna talk smack that the Seahawks won the super in the 2013 season, y’all destroyed Denver and that put Seattle in the record books winning a championship. I got nothing against Seattle since your not in my division.

    • Russell Westbrook says:

      randomtalker88 I’m a Seahawks fan but Dallas got way more talent then us all we have are Wilson,Carson,Lockett and Wagner

    • randomtalker88 says:

      Granted you listed some of your best players but it’s the playoffs where the 12 teams in the playoffs have to play 110% going into every playoff game

    • Mike Johnson says:

      the Seahawks gave the patriots that super bowl? SMDH

  15. Max Kellerman says:

    Don’t worry guys we will be back soon, atleast we got rid of Ryan Hollins

  16. wook1990 says:

    Damien Woody is playing the Stephen A. Smith role while he’s on vacation. Lol.

  17. biggie redd says:

    Jason garret isn’t a bad coach but he isn’t a good 1 either

  18. Soufend says:

    With all the media hype and media support the Cowgirls get, they’re still gonna loose against the Seahawks! Go Hawks!!!!

  19. Darious Costley says:


    • Joseph Garcia says:

      +illmatic826 you play to win the game dumbass you have no argument

    • Ballin Too says:

      Shock what world? They ain’t win bowl in 20 years

    • Dennis Nichols says:

      I do not think Cowboys fans would be shocked when the Cowboys lose, they have gotten used to being disappointed.  So I don’t really think the world would be shocked when the Cowboys lose this game.

    • K Dizzle1207 says:

      How is that a fluke? Man you don’t have a reason at all because you are mad, wrong, our defense destroyed the entire game

    • melt138 says:

      How was it a fluke ???? What the fuck you mean how ???? How because it’s clear saints had a bad game lol if it wasn’t a fluke the colts wouldn’t have done y’all dirty like that .

  20. Masseu Zhang says:

    Like for Seahawks
    Reply for cowboys

    • melt138 says:

      Nobody is going to obliterate nobody lol ( if a team does , I hope it’s seahawks lol ) they both two good teams for that to happen . Seattle will win tho by 2tds

    • Platinum Hercules says:

      +AwesomeKidMike kys stupid bitch

    • DARK CMC says:

      Masseu Zhang g

    • Dan Kiai says:


    • Robert Gray says:

      I honestly believe Dallas will win this game I just can’t see them allowing the Seahawks come in and win because the Seahawks on offense besides Russell Wilson have no one that scares me. The Seahawks can win if Dallas plays bad and allows them to win because they control their own destiny in its game

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