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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote gets brutally chomped by a GIANT Leafcutter Ant!

Predominately found in South and Central America, the Leafcutter Ant is truly an amazing creature. The complexity of teamwork and organization displayed in their societies is 2nd only to human beings and is an absolute spectacle to witness in person. When observing their behaviors one can clearly see that each ant has a specific task to carry out and whether its transporting leaf clippings back to the nest, attacking invaders or just keeping the other ants in order it is truly remarkable the amount of work they can accomplish in just a single day.

What’s also astonishing about these ants is their formidable strength. When taking into account their size to body weight ratio, Leafcutter Ants are one of the strongest animals on the planet and their powerful mandibles pack a tremendous bite force. In fact their bite is so powerful, large soldier ants are rumored to possess the strength to pierce through human skin!

When learning of this ability Coyote, being the curious person he is, couldn’t resist putting the claim to the test first hand…or in this case FIRST FINGER!

Get ready for one CRAZY ANT BITE!

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20 Responses

  1. Bob Bigglebar says:

    Your hammy, inauthentic “acting” makes me want to vomit. Just say the
    lines. We didn’t ask for a character.

  2. KAELY KITTYKAT xoxo says:

    Yay I just realized you reached 1,000,000 subs

  3. Goat Bot says:

    I feel bad for Alex and Mike, having to put up with your shenanigans and
    what not

  4. Deadpool Estrada says:

    when you tuke it off it look like slime

  5. Thirdinplace says:

    dont people sometimes use those ants for stiches

  6. Chretien li says:

    Imagine a bath in those ants… Have fun sleeping tonight…

  7. otxoama says:

    This guy deserves to be famous but I just don’t want another Steve Irwin. I
    don’t want to get behind him, watch him for years and BOOM dead.

  8. DarkSpadow says:

    Love this Channel!
    Its just like a animal TV show which i just LOVE!

  9. Stephengrer5 says:

    i wasnt thinking that yo go for the bullet ant

  10. Rick Reges says:

    before bullet ant do the red harvester ant also you know what the bullet
    ant does to you

  11. El Emu says:

    Just…one…leafcutter…did that. Boi you better put some neosporin on

  12. Swagel_Badger says:

    Hyped for the bullet ant

  13. Only The Best 10 Minute Loops says:

    Find one of those rainforest tribes and stick your hands in the bullet ant

  14. White Robert says:


  15. Amanda Crowley says:

    Ha ha I will do if

  16. Aloun Bannavong says:

    I don’t suggest u to do this but I want to see you get bit by one bullet

  17. Øblivion says:


  18. Legit ness says:

    Yass 1m subs, you and your cast deserve this coyote

  19. Jenylis Juan says:

    are you okay

  20. Sam Hardy says:

    the ant was like let me at him