CRAZY Car Bomb Surprise PRANK!!

CRAZY Car Bomb Surprise PRANK!!

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20 Responses

  1. The UnknownGamer says:

    why do we have 2362 dislikes

  2. Adrian Stoesz says:

    You’re the best person ever

  3. Mason Fitzgerald says:


  4. Alex Micallef says:

    Roman, You are honestly a freaking legend! 

  5. cfield says:

    God damn onion ninjas came out of no where ): 

  6. CommanderSponge says:

    Holy shit almost as many ratings as views!

  7. lilazna55a5inz says:

    Romanatwood is by far the best prankster on youtube. Nuff said.

  8. pouria far says:

    thumbs up for grand ma

  9. Jacob Alexander says:

    Thats awesome. Great family!

  10. ahmad _Kuwait 97 says:

    this video made me smile with tears

  11. Rashed alshamsi says:

    Awsome prank ever keep up

  12. Kajal Patel says:

    is she brittney’s grandma or romans?

  13. Mico Valmonte says:

    Directed by micheal bay 

  14. Yaron Rosen says:

    wow! this is really the biggest prank you ever made! this is i really don’t
    have the word to describe! amazing!

  15. mattb8085 says:

    exposed by keemstar

  16. MrCapowCowKID - Minecraft says:

    good work guys hit 200,000 !!!

  17. Katie Magree says:

    Raman you truly are the greatest man . 

  18. David Torres says:

    Why does he always over exaggerate the title of all his videos? 

  19. daniel knight says:

    So nice roman 

  20. Mohammed Shoblaq says:

    Did anyone else notice when she said that “you helped me pay for them” +2:18
    Run ? The tires. You are a good guy +RomanAtwood