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20 Responses

  1. Mr. Cookies says:


  2. Ema Mihovilić says:

    Bambo love him ? He won

  3. Ahmad Rizwan says:


  4. BASIL ADEL says:

    nyla is cute

  5. mohammad alarid says:

    Jesse won

  6. VG LTU says:

    bamboo won!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  7. DiamondMinion says:

    Jesse and Bamboo Won THEY ARE THE BEST??

  8. Sofi Dakotta says:


  9. Graham Heydorn says:

    Jesse and bamboo

  10. Kārlis Praulītis says:

    bamboo win!!!!!

  11. Sara Shala says:

    I like nylah’s costume.OMG she looks so cute

  12. Pokemon Girl (anime girl) says:

    Hot dog and lion king

  13. Megan'sLife X says:

    Please to the Chapstick challenge next ??❤️

  14. Ryan LaFlesh says:

    Bamboos back left leg? What’s wrong with it

  15. Kaycee's Corner says:

    Jeana and nylah ?

  16. Family50315 says:

    Love Jenna’s hair it’s cute ??I think bamboo won

  17. Petrus Van Tienderen says:

    jeana and bamboo win!!!!!?????

  18. Iris Veldhuis says:

    Best video ever!!

  19. greff mom says:

    This was actually one of my favorite videos you guys have made.

  20. sawyer moe says:

    I bot Nyla (did I spell that right)?