Crazy facts #58 🤔

Crazy facts #58 🤔

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29 Responses

  1. Nadira Collier says:

    STOP JUST STOP love ur vids

  2. N1ightm4are says:



  3. A Balloon says:

    Life actually lasts one minute, but every time you breathe the timer resets

  4. RavenDude says:

    Explotion expert right here, blowing ppl’s mind since he started his channel!
    Congrats on 100k man
    Ik I’m late but still congrats

  5. Anish Patra says:

    This man should get a noble prize for making such quality content daily.

  6. melxbear says:

    “camping is just homeless for fun”
    That’s literally true

  7. Aman Gupta says:

    “When a policeman beats a thief, he is just beating the man who gave him job”

  8. salt-shin says:

    It’s crazy how we think we’re at the centre of everything in life, like a protagonist of some movie while for others we might be some extra in their lives

  9. AndreiBWRA ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) says:

    “camping is being homeless for fun”
    Except you’re prepared

  10. the void of infinite darkness says:

    “If a person can time travel they could end your life whenever they want” -me

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