Crazy ‘Fan’ ATTACKS Bret Hart During WWE Hall of Fame 2019 Speech!

Crazy ‘Fan’ ATTACKS Bret Hart During WWE Hall of Fame 2019 Speech!

Crazy stuff went down tonight at the WWE Hall of Fame Ceremony!

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93 Responses

  1. Will Cortez says:

    This is crazy hopefully Hitman is okay

  2. Jesse POV says:

    I’m so glad I follow you on twitter or I would have missed this.

  3. Seth Freakin Rollins says:

    Dash Wilder is about to become WWE’s biggest babyface. What a punch!

    • Megaman Mature form star blue says:

      I know right he deserves a big push for saving Bret Hit man Hart in the Hall of fame ceremony

    • Vannleap Thorng says:

      Seth Freakin Rollins let him breaks up with scott dawson and start individual role

    • superyahoobrothers says:

      He is probably gonna get fired or sued by the fan

    • Hfj Trytry says:

      +superyahoobrothers i hope he does tbh, he is a bitch for doing that in the first place, the fan had already been taken care of by the other wrestlers


      and a lawsuit … if you step away from personal opinions…. Security…is at fault here…they should be FIRED…..How did this guy even get to BRET? Think about it… GARBAGE security should be fired and fined even .. this is a MAJOR event and some pansy got into the ring and tackled BRET…. time to get some better security

  4. Rodney69XD says:


  5. R A D O N says:

    Did you record this in a bathroom alone with the lights off ?

  6. I am a legendary person And every woman knows me says:

    That bastard should be banned for life that fan attacked bret Hart

    • Adam Fiala says:

      That bastard is my friend. And hes actually the nicest dude in the world. Hes a mma fighter out of Omaha. I have no idea what made him do this though… I cant believe it’s actually him

    • Peyton Clampit says:

      Oh really? I thought he attacked seth Rollins

    • Adam Fiala says:

      +Jill-Sandwich yeah, but then a mob of people hopped on him and used excessive force to subdue, so now zach Madsen is going to come out on top of all of this because grown men with steroid problems cant control their emotions.

    • Sim Trate says:

      Boo hoo

    • Sim Trate says:

      Yep, low life love violence scripted or not

  7. OhighO Skater says:

    I was happy to see people jump on him quick and I have to say, I got a little satisfaction seeing them laying the fists to him lol. He got what he deserves

    • Robert Congleton says:

      -Tcáf- Thats not the point idiot,he shouldn’t have tackled anybody that was rude and disrespectful.You don’t do that to people like that.I hope that guys face gets turned into a blood orange in prison by a prisoner.

    • TheGrimReaper says:

      He didn’t deserve that. They should’ve let him get bret.

    • Robert Congleton says:

      TheGrimReaper No Bret didn’t deserve that.They should’ve beat that fans ass.

    • John says:

      I still don’t get why that guy would want to hit a B grade actor. Maybe they were lovers at one point, and the 26 year old was upset because his daddy lover role model doesn’t love him anymore. Either way fake wrestling is gay.

    • Tiago Himura says:

      +-Tcáf- Are you stupid ? Travis destroyed Overeem the same guy thar destroyed Brock … dont joke about it

  8. Tamzid Mohsin Khan says:

    But why this fan attack Bret Hart
    What was the reason

  9. Zack Jarvis says:

    Some people clearly don’t have respect, as Stone Cold said when a fan attacked him, when he was facing HHH “if you enter that ring with the superstars your considered fair game” so as the superstars attacking the fan it’s justified especially through such a memorable time

    • hambone31000 says:

      I don’t think anyone would be stupid enough to fake anything right  after that star of Empire got into an awful  lot of trouble  and lost everything for faking gay and racist attack.

    • Lil Nostrils says:

      Ooh and for that case the fan will experience how much wrestling is real

    • Baked N Confused says:

      Staged, draw attention to WrestleMania (I haven’t watched since 08)


      oh for sure but lets be honest security had this guy(after they fucked up)…. i dont want this guy to get less jail time because a bunch of wrestlers wanted to be vigilantes after… to me he deserved it but im not the judge… cops beat people down when they are already down and not a threat(all the time) i hate to say it but anything after he was down is gonna help this guy get less jail time… and he could sue based on laws…im not talking about those who took him down or had to jump in.. im talking about after he was down and not a threat… sure id love to beat his ass also but i prefer he was locked up and away from kids and society for a long long time…


      In my mind i loved it.. he deserved it.. but we have laws… you should study the laws a bit more because beating people when they are already down is not fair game anymore…aggravated assault .. and all this is caught on many fan cameras.. i say burn the evidence before this guy gets a good lawler .. many hit him WAY after he was down and tied up like the Hog piece of shit that he was .. we want him to suffer in jail not get out early

  10. Lucky A says:

    A younger Bret hart & that dummy would of gotten one like Vince McMahon did!

    • T Destroyer says:

      The Duke o you bet, one snorted out deep.

    • Drebodollaz Dollaz says:

      Definitely Bret was a legit wrestler.

    • Shirley White says:

      Apparently Bret got a few shots in, he was thinking protect Natty, Dash was wearin a hitman Leather coat too that was metta man, but Rhondas Husband, Edge, Titus Oneil and the New Day were all over him quickly


      Bret has class….he knew the WWE had his back.. the guy was probably a crackhead.. those people have no motives or reason..

    • Djarra says:

      In WCW he tied a guy up in a submission hold, till he passed out, who had jumped in the ring and confronted him during a promo.

  11. Cube Clutch says:

    Somebody gotta tell Shawn and Vince that the Montreal Screwjob was years ago. They stay trying to screw Bret.

  12. Ganghetto Romero says:

    If Bret Hart was young. He would destroyed him.

  13. Ice Bear says:

    WWE is taking down these videos save it while you can

  14. i.STiLL.FUNCTiON 510 says:

    _Future HOF Ceremonies will now be held inside HELL IN A CELL_

  15. jamal greene says:

    Wouldn’t call this man a fan because a true fan wouldn’t do something so disrespectful on a special night like this

  16. Andes M says:

    Not only did he take down Bret, but Nattie also went down too while trying to protect her uncle. Good thing Woods and Kofi helped her up before she got smothered. Huge shout out to Heath for helping Bret get up and also Travis and Dash for doing us all a favor and laying in those punches to the jackass!

    • [This Meme has been removed by EU Article 13] says:

      Not all Heroes wear capes, they sometimes wear Wrestling Boots.

    • RNC200711 says:

      I didn’t know that idiot took Bret down, asshole, I’m glad that ‘fan’ got punched a few times, much respect to the wrestlers who rushed to the ring to protect Bret and Nattie and beatdown that idiot especially Dash Wilder. I hope the authorities were called and he was arrested. Huge respect to Bret also, for carrying on his speech, he must have been a bit rattled by the whole thing but didn’t show it


      true but then the judge will give him less time based on everyone being vigilantes when the security had him down… id rather stand him up… make him fight Brock in a real fight and if he dies….he dies….

    • Hfj Trytry says:

      +EXPLISIT HIPHOP not to mention the fact that he can now sue and press charges himself as that bitch dash punched him when he was completely restrained

  17. Gideon Woods says:

    Bret got up and finished his speech like a true professional??

  18. Randy GBH says:

    Why are y’all using the word “fan” no actual FAN does that.

    Y’all even used the word “idiot” in the video to describe the guy.

  19. Jim Graves says:

    I was so mad that happened. I’m glad Bret and Natalya are safe. They should go back to the old school Hall Of Fame. Glad that guy got his ass kicked by fellow WWE Superstars.

  20. Hakim Fullerton says:

    Damn even during a Hall of Fame Induction Ceremony, Bret Hart gets screwed over by somebody else

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