CRAZY TH15 SPENDING & UPGRADE SPREE! Town Hall 15 has just released and Clash Bashing is going on crazy spending spree! Bash buys all of the offers in the shop and then upgrades nearly the full Clash of Clans TH15 update with Hundreds of millions in loots, and hundreds of total magic items. Runes of Gold, Elixir, and Dark Elixir, Books of Building, Heroes, Fighting and more, and Numerous Hammers, League and Raid medals will be spent in this video!

TH15 Progress Base:

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TH12 Free to Play:

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23 Responses

  1. Clash Bashing!! says:

    WHAT A SPENDING SPREE! If you guys are buying any of the offers Use Code Bash:

    TH15 Progress Base:

  2. Suraj Radicilffe says:

    This is what we all were waiting for …
    No body beats bash when it comes to spending spree and collecting magic items !!!!

  3. Conner Barry says:

    Ahhhh yes, the classic “bash completes a year and a half worth of upgrades in 20 minutes”.😂😂😂 Keep up the great work my man!

    • Damien M says:

      @Biometrix the time it takes to do that free to play does take over a year. They’re including having to get all the loot and wait 6 at a time for individual upgrades

    • Biometrix says:

      It’s a few months worth of upgrades. They don’t release all 18 months of upgrades ASAP.

  4. CLASH ON says:

    Watching your spending sprees for years now….they are just amazing 😍
    Keep it up Bash🔥

  5. Mister W says:

    Congratulations Bash! It’s worth watching your spending spree. Magic ! 😁

  6. Nitesh Baniya says:

    I had been waiting for more than a year just to see him using those magic items 😄.
    Finally got that.

  7. Aditya Rastogi says:

    hey bash…..always fun to watch these crazy gemming sprees of yours……love from India….not only you MAGICALLY forgot to do an electro titan attack in the end, but you also MAGICALLY upgrade the new siege machine with elixir….😅😅…i’m sorry if i’m wrong anywhere…but I love the content as it has helped me so much as a fellow COC player for the past 6 years…much love

  8. 𓆩Ƥʀᴀɴᴊᴀʟ𓆪 says:

    Damn this hit the spot, kudos to you man 💙🔥

  9. Jace Kexel says:

    This experience was magical!

  10. Voltra says:

    “Magic” Had a great time watching, a bit annoyed knowing you could’ve done this more efficiently but nevertheless was a great vid. 👍

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