Crazy Things That Happened To Lottery Winners

Crazy Things That Happened To Lottery Winners

How lucky can one person be?

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20 Responses

  1. Magician Haxer says:

    I would buy out a Justin bieber concert so when he comes on stage all he
    sees is me in the front row smiling

  2. guardiangelrae says:

    i would put it in a low yield bond. and build myself an amelia earhart
    theme park. and buy the knicks!

  3. sakke sikiö says:

    that 78inch samsung curved tv would be pretty neat.
    Even tho it wouldn’t even fit in my room…

  4. RutowskiDisney2014 says:

    The best education I could possibly get

  5. ana iglesias says:

    I would pay off student debt smh

  6. david garcia says:

    why would you spend million on cocaine. like really you couldnt think of
    something better

  7. sanagol12 says:

    open a bar, club or something in the sort

  8. Cammybear12 says:

    I hate drugs and alcohol and gambling so..I’d buy a house get a dog and
    store the rest of the money away safely and still work..

  9. ThisPerson556 says:

    if I won the lottery, I would save the money until I’m old enough to be
    understood in my choices. I wouldn’t show my family just yet, because the
    first they’d want to do is spend it, but I’d help them went it comes to
    bills and such and let the money build up in interest.

  10. beutlybatsy says:

    I’d buy myself a boyfriend

  11. Shannon Doheny says:

    A round the world plane ticket, my one wish is to see the world.

  12. Alex Gutierrez says:

    What would I spend that money? Easy. Bouch of hookers and cocaine. ?

  13. Budleee Bazz says:


  14. Guinea pig lover says:

    In my neighborhood there is a house. The first owner died from a terrible
    car crash right behind his house. He flew from the road behind it right
    into his backyard and died. His wife moved away. The second owner won the
    $250 million lottery. Of course they moved away. We are still wondering
    what the third owner will do now. Let’s hope it’s good luck instead of bad.

  15. Okemilyv says:

    I probably wouldn’t tell anyone I won I’d just look rich af

  16. Luke Luceanu! Me and The Ugly Truth says:

    Move to America, invest the money and start my own public speaking and
    entertainment business so I can travel the work at the same time help those
    who need it!

  17. Amelie Nishimwe says:

    I would actually not be selfish and first give back to my community and
    others who’ve helped me. And save up for college and house and stuff

  18. CuteBluKittyCat :3 says:

    If I won the lottery? Keep living the way I am now. Except maybe buying
    every game I want on steam, and build a new computer.

  19. MrMasslee says:

    buy house with cash, rent them out. save alot of it, spend 1/4th of it

  20. Rachel Primavera says:

    Man I really wish I had won that powerball!