Crazy Video: Nothing can break this Shaolin kungfu master

Crazy Video: Nothing can break this Shaolin kungfu master

An iron bar, steel spears and even an electric drill couldn’t break through the skin of Zhao Rui, a 24-years-old Shaolin monk.



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20 Responses

  1. Furious Davies says:

    Eat a bomb

  2. MAGDA Porzuczek says:

    omg, It is crazy!

  3. Texmex89 says:

    The neXT communist china super soldier!

  4. RollnGoldn says:

    shaolin shadow boxing , and the wu tang sword style if what you say Is true
    the shaolin and the wu tang could be danger. Do you think your wu tang
    sword can defeat me ?

  5. MassOreoKiller says:

    He is now left with 2 Iq points.

  6. wwejohncenadx says:

    so fake

  7. Ethan Thomas says:

    fake and gay

  8. Belgian Vigilante says:

    Wow !

  9. Alex A says:

    RT viewers comments are awesome Lol. 

  10. dnni samn says:

    Im really confused. people saying shaolin temple among monks were expelled
    by chinese democracy and there was genocides in middle of XX century. dont
    get me wrong about my narration. do really china keep traditional shaolin
    culture actually or they are just acrobatics as they said?

  11. Joshua Francois says:


  12. Beyond Manhattan says:


  13. Gi Ma says:

    Crazy Video: Nothing can break this Shaolin kungfu master

  14. 6tarmo says:

    Is this the new Mortal Kombat X trailer? 0:15 FINISH HIM!

  15. Madison Fritzsche says:

    stupid ameripigs trying to force this man to do things like this. I hate
    jews that created the temple and ruined these peoples lives, fuck nato.

  16. Lefteravg says:

    He is so hard that his dick could probably kill someone.

  17. Account That Is Mainly Inactive says:

    Asian version of Lizard

  18. WooshieGames says:

    I can also….. Crush a beer can in my hand, sensei has taught me well….

  19. Angelia Bell says:

    glad I was born a female

  20. jacob mead says:

    i want to see this geezer take a 12 gauge to the japs eye