Creating Saturday Night Live: Cold Open to Monologue Set Change

Creating Saturday Night Live: Cold Open to Monologue Set Change

A behind-the-scenes look at the unseen two-minute set change that went down during the opening credits to transform SNL’s set from the cold open to Casey Affleck’s monologue stage.

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20 Responses

  1. Mo Bahjat says:

    Whenever I hear the word, Grab, it reminds me of President-elect Trump.

  2. Tony Draper says:

    Wow! So cool! That crew is incredible. I’ve always wondered how many
    different stages they used for all of this. I guess it’s just the main
    stage. They could’ve easily used another stage for the cold open so they
    wouldn’t have to go through all that..

    Very impressive guys. Great work.

  3. Captain Obvious says:

    most people use their eyes to read

  4. Maxwell Fong says:

    Tom Hanks’ episode must have been so much harder… He was in both the cold
    open AND the monologue. He needed to change outfit AND get hair and makeup
    done, and run to the back of the stage, which had to be cleared by that
    time, to enter from the door.

  5. Arizona Jonson says:

    So much respect for the set crew!! The unsung heroes of theatre and TV.

  6. VALENTINEproductions says:

    Wow literally down to the last second.

  7. Harambe says:

    Wow thats amazing

  8. Heinrich Hirsch says:

    That is truly outstanding :0

  9. ripvanstinkle says:

    That was so many people!! That was amazing

  10. daviddaaannggg says:

    My respect for this show just went way up

  11. Rob Brothers says:

    Great! Now I know why the theme is so long. Now I appreciate it more.

  12. Czikkan Hardt says:

    THAT’S why the intro is so damn long! How about that?

  13. kiwisoup says:

    If you watch the real broadcast, those last two crew members are still on
    the stage

  14. Lily I. says:


  15. cwoolfork says:

    My bum was seriously nipped up because I didn!t think they were gonna make
    it! WHEW!!!! ???

  16. Conner Cox says:

    Mother Russia baby

  17. Farmer__Joe says:


  18. Brain Storm says:

    wow, how many years of college does it take to get that job?

  19. Travis Heinze says:

    Behind the scene? More like what the audience sees.

  20. Wanda Roderick says: