Creating Saturday Night Live: Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy) Returns Outtakes

Creating Saturday Night Live: Sean Spicer (Melissa McCarthy) Returns Outtakes

Go behind the scenes with Melissa McCarthy on the set of “Sean Spicer Returns.”

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20 Responses

  1. Noé says:

    I love Melissa

  2. Elizabeth Koroleski says:

    “I just need a couple of minutes in a bush to get it together!” I love it!

  3. kanita memic says:


  4. gabby gutierrez says:

    “I just need a couple minutes in the bush to get it together” LMAO

  5. telly Phillips says:

    go watch robot chicken clips

  6. A Squirrel! says:

    I must be early…since Trumptards are not here yet.

  7. ThePassportclub says:

    I was a only a couple of blocks away…I hate that I didn’t see her in Midtown!

  8. Marta Keen says:

    someone called out SPICEY bahhaha

  9. DrunkRamen says:

    I laughed even more at this than I did the sketch! What a great comedian.

  10. Slycooper2456 says:

    who was waving?

  11. J C says:

    “We love you Mellissa!”-Everyone who distracted the scene

  12. Evelyn Hu says:

    Sean needs to appreciate Melissa. She made him “likable and popular”. HUGE RATINGGGGGssssddd

  13. Akrun Run says:

    Emmy Emmy Emmy

  14. Nina Karakos says:

    Was there something specific about the people in the window? I can’t understand what the director was saying

  15. Lucy LaVigne says:

    “the good news is no one knows we’re filming, this is completely under cover”

    *zooms out*

    *people yelling, people watching*

  16. TheZephyrStorm says:

    Melissa McCarthy’s existence is something we, as the human race, should celebrate

  17. N. Wednesday Quansah says:

    I never thought anything good would come out of the Trump administration, but this is a blessing.

  18. Emily Murphy says:

    melissa mccarthy dressed as sean spicer trolling people riding around the street has to be my favorite thing

  19. Freddie Cole says:

    OH MY GOD ITS PAUL, I didn’t know he worked for SNL now 🙂

  20. MaryRod09 says:

    Hahaha! That last comment about hiding in the bush.

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