Creator – 2016 Belmont Stakes

Creator – 2016 Belmont Stakes

Race replay of the 148th Running of the Belmont Stakes, won by Creator, at Belmont Park.

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19 Responses

  1. Junior J says:

    way to go Irad U won this race because U know Belmont in and out

  2. monteprinsu says:


  3. Christopher Clark says:

    Have to give Lani his due, ran a good 3rd.

  4. Matt Duchon says:

    You can never take the favorite in the Belmont. It is Idiotic. Maybe the
    favorite will win but to bet on him in a race this long is dumb. There is
    always going to be a Creator or Destin.

  5. ronnie bravo says:

    Not a poor Ride by Joel Rosario,Paco Lopez know that Creator is on the
    outside,if Paco Lopez give some space to Rosario BOOM,big 10 cents
    super,Rosario got 3 wins,ALL STAKES,and no way he can swing OUTSIDE…well
    it’s HORSERACING..

  6. kazu kou says:

    Lani was good and did my best

  7. nexus2426 says:


  8. 久子永沢 says:


  9. MrSottobanco says:

    Creator was thinking, “Hey, if I win this race, I will get to mount a bunch
    of mares.” Talk about incentive.

  10. Jose Serrano says:

    What a ride by Irad. Couldn’t have gone better. The hole Irad hit on the
    stretch almost closed on him.

  11. FightingIrish595 says:

    I’ve been following the horse shaman ghost since before the marine stakes
    last year. He won the queens plate. I bet him yesterday and he won. I bring
    this up because Rosario was on him. He saved ground inside. Tried to do the
    same thing on Malibu but the key difference was shaman ghost had room to

  12. Roberto Jeri says:


  13. interstategar says:

    4.15 seconds slower than Secretariat…

  14. Crazy Chick says:

    what the heck happened with Exaggerator? though I doubted he would have won
    anyway with Creator, I had thought he would be trailing second place.

  15. Michael Wolf says:

    just like a fleet Alex inside in the Derby.

  16. Tami Terrana says:

    if you watch desormeux on exxagerator……he holds him on the backstretch
    and stops asking him to run at top of the longest stretch in the
    country… Kent… a bigger paycheck throwing the race?

  17. Who Who and Zulu. says:

    I thought the call was over done considering no triple crown ….
    I mean what did Creator upset that was so exciting ?
    Just another horse got caught at the wire , it happens all the time


  18. Neil Yaremchuk says:

    Never trust a gray horse.


    They could have at least told us who won the race..~!!!!?????