Cris Cyborg punches Angela Magana at UFC Athlete Retreat

Cris Cyborg punches Angela Magana at UFC Athlete Retreat

Video of Cris Cyborg punching Angela Magana after a confrontation at UFC Athlete Retreat was obtained exclusively by Cage Pages of FanSided.

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20 Responses

  1. Robert Peare says:

    she went silent real fast ?

  2. merle dixon says:

    everyone acts tough till they get hit square in the mouth. she stopped her bullying real fast lol

  3. humanmoron says:

    i really hope this is not going to be another roadblock in cris’s career.

  4. Wayne Hadsell says:

    Cyborg in the streets!!! She’s about that life

  5. Kevin R says:

    This is the most publicity magana has ever gotten…i had completely forgotten about her until she got punched in the mouth by cyborg.

  6. baymeo split says:

    You don’ hespek no badi

  7. Necron00b says:

    Cyborg commits assault on camera, people jump to defend her. Y’all are weird.

  8. jimmo85 says:

    Magana caught pissing her pants on camera once again.

  9. theoneandonly2503 says:

    The punch wasn’t even 15% of Cyborg’s power. She clearly just wanted respect and wasn’t aiming at hurting the girl very bad.

  10. Steven Clement says:

    talk shit, get hit….talk smack, get whacked… poop, get booped

  11. Winter C. says:

    The shitty camera man should have to take a punch to the face from Cyborg next

  12. Smart Hawk says:

    lol screw magana untalented cunt that sucks dick to keep her job

  13. blindthief says:

    “I can talk about whomever I want!” Fuck you, Magana. There are kids who commit suicide over bullying. It’s a serious issue. Cyborg has a niece who gets bullied because of all the taunting towards her aunt. And you had the nerve to charge at her; you are lucky she didn’t knock your skull against the concrete.

  14. Roger S says:

    Why was this Angela chick at the retreat? She hasn’t fought since December of 2015.
    Let me get this right- girl talks crap on twitter, girl gets confronted by the person she was
    talking crap about, girl gets smacked, girl wants Cyborg arrested, girl says “lawsuit”. What is
    wrong with this picture? The girl is nothing but white trash.

  15. chickenfkeryay says:

    when u are recording a video turn your fucking phone sideways

  16. Dawg says:

    wow that dude almost knocked her out.

  17. Mars Khan says:

    WHY do they ALWAYS miss the damn punch?

  18. Tupacstole Mybike says:

    lol, when you put a bunch of fighters all in the same place.

  19. Louisito711 says:

    And the shittiest camera man award goes to…

  20. Luz Q says:

    oh yay another video recorded vertically GOOD JOB

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