Cristiano Ronaldo breaks men’s international goal record in Portugal win | WCQ Highlights | ESPN FC

Cristiano Ronaldo breaks men’s international goal record in Portugal win | WCQ Highlights | ESPN FC

John Egan’s opener for Ireland puts Portugal on upset alert, but Cristiano Ronaldo saves the day with a late brace for Portugal. Ronaldo’s 110th and 111th goals for Portugal make him the top men’s international goal scorer of all time.

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52 Responses

  1. Logan M says:

    Ronaldo probably has the best heading ability in the world

  2. Jordan H says:

    If you hate / mock either Messi or Ronaldo, you don’t truly love football. Period.

    Both are the greatest legends football has ever seen

    • shane jive says:

      Maradona pele are above cr7. Ronaldo isn’t influential without goals

    • Adis Mutapcic says:

      Big Facts love the comment….

    • ANDRS says:

      @Antonio Lucero def the best

    • Brian Murray says:

      Ronaldo was absolutely unstoppable when he was at united years back. And considering the era messi Ronaldo are playing in puts them above the rest. The average player In the sport is far better and more physically fit then they were back then. And when it comes to trophies both messi and Ronaldo would have more if it wasn’t for the other winning over them

    • Dev619 says:

      @Williams Hernandez it goes both ways, this video is about Portugal and ronaldo winning but messi fans always gotta have the last word, so what’s your point

  3. Zom5839 says:

    5:29 how nice of Pepe to include the security guard in the celebration! He’ll never forget that!

  4. Javi B. says:

    What a f**king legend. He doesn’t care how old he is

  5. JayCFC says:

    Thought Portugal would lose, but no. Ronaldo simply comes out of nowhere and creates a comeback out of nothing. Simply incredible, it’s why he’s one of the greats. Great heading ability.

  6. heyheyhe0011 says:

    Let’s admit it. Everyone was Siuuuuuuu-ing when the goat scored the winner.

  7. Dysrupt Dysrupt says:

    Pepe grabbing one of the security staff to celebrate Ronaldo’s last min goal 5:28 😂 that’s awesome

  8. Joshua says:

    “Hes 37 in February. Hes slowing down.”

    Nearly every pundit this last weekend lol

    • jerson suazo says:

      Same beast, different animal

    • Philly Jackson says:

      @Maple Tree his iq is what’s helping him im not gonna lie he mastered it the runs he make is so smart he don’t waste stamina

    • Gucci says:

      Cr7 is for sure a world class player and will always be until he retires.

    • Pourupdat4 1 says:

      @Dr. Nnah ima screenshot this comment and send it to you end of season

    • Joshua says:

      @Maple Tree his speed and stamina is getting worse? I cant tell. He went on a mad sprint from box to box last season for Juventus, passing every team mate and opponent just to get on the end of a cross and score….and still play 90 minutes. First touch? Homie your delusional if you think that mans first touch is anything less than amazing.

      Fact is he is 37 but still outperforms every other player in the world, no matter their age.

  9. Obi Studios says:

    Seeing Ronaldo still playing at the highest level at 36 just makes me feel happy

  10. danielreyes2796 says:

    Honestly Ronaldo might have the sickest celebration of all time, the fact that the crowd is in on it is so unique.

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