Cristiano Ronaldo Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Cristiano Ronaldo Goes Sneaker Shopping With Complex

Cristiano Ronaldo goes Sneaker Shopping with Joe La Puma at Honor 23 in Beijing, China in his first interview since joining Juventus, and talks about his humble beginnings growing up in Madeira, Nike making new sneakers for Juventus, and his son, Cristiano Jr., wanting to dress like his dad.

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80 Responses

  1. Jay Mag says:

    HAHAHA! All the money he just spent, he pretty much got it right back. Just by doing that interview.

    • G O E S T says:

      King Enimatix he just spread the word about his shoes in the interview, he’ll definitely make the money back. This dude sneezes and makes millions, he makes more money from his businesses and trademark than from playing. He keeps playing just because he loves what he does, otherwise he can just sit at home and look into a wall 24/7 and still be filthy rich. This is the world we live in 😁

    • ToddthaGod says:

      Complex doesn’t pay them lmao they bout to get hella money bcuz they on YouTube and he on there episode it bout to get hella viewsπŸ˜‚

    • Chris says:

      Mr Fantastic Highly doubt he’s getting payed thousands per minute, bit of an exaggeration there

    • Jsalcedo23 says:

      Jay Mag he probably used one of those β€œblack” cards Nike gives certain athletes. He didn’t pay for shit, he mainly bought all nike stuff lol

    • Pavel Ten says:

      He doesn’t get paid for this-he is promoting

  2. ChusboyDaGreat _ says:

    I’m surprised he agreed to show up he’s bigger than all of complex

  3. Jide says:

    450 goals in 438 appearances is insane…

  4. Nicholas Johnston says:

    It’s been said and everyone already knows but he is literally the biggest star on the planet and it’s just crazy when he goes anywhere but I don’t think he really knows that cr7 is as big as cr7 really is

  5. JavierNathaniel says:

    The man! Complex you’ve done well! πŸ‘πŸΎ

  6. nykka3 says:

    β€œAnd hopefully he’s gonna buy some sneakers..” Nah he’ll just buy the whole store instead.

  7. Abel & CAIN says:

    Keep an eye on Juventus this season. they are gonna be the champion of the champions league

  8. Bob Bobbit says:

    He speaks better english than Little Pump.

  9. dillonS says:

    by far the biggest star they’ve ever had on the show… truly an international icon.

  10. Raincat says:

    Donald Trump goes sneaker shopping next

  11. Fardin Rabbi says:

    Here before 5mill views

  12. Quadeca says:

    this is crazy

  13. Raitis Pujats says:

    You can see that Cristiano doesn’t care that much about sneakers but he has to act like that because he has a billion deal with Nike

    • SELFMADE 7 says:

      So u telling me that he does not care about his appearance? He has his own fashion brands and he is a fashion icon, a Top fashion icon

    • Ashwin Nathan says:

      Yeah don’t know how you got that out of the interview bud.

    • urjdk uueieid says:

      SELFMADE 7 he is so rich that a pair of sneaker is like using a tissue to wipe his ass everyday. Sneakers are nothing to him. He is not sneaker head like all these rap idiots, doesnt mean he doesn’t like looking good.

    • The Answer says:

      SELFMADE 7 Ronaldo is not known for being a fashion icon he’s known for being the best football player on the planet.

  14. The Overlord Girl says:

    Finally, you got hold of the one, and only, CR7.

  15. Robbie Edwards says:

    Like if Cristiano is the GOAT

  16. Le Japon en Noir et Blanc©️ says:

    One of your best video!Complex !Love from France!

  17. B3A5T 125 says:

    the man. the myth.

  18. Bar Brothers says:


  19. Tsetsi says:

    Ronaldo also wears makeup to his matches, google up his makeup session pics πŸ™‚

  20. Mike LaBelle says:

    Cristiano is 1 of a kind. I’m so appreciative I’ve been able to watch his entire era. Mans gonna kill it at Juve

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