Croatia vs. Brazil Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup | Quarterfinals

Croatia vs. Brazil Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup | Quarterfinals

Croatia and Brazil faced off in the Quarterfinals of the 2022 FIFA World Cup. The first half was a slow one, as both teams seemed to be feeling each other out. Brazil got a couple of shots on goal but nothing went through. The second half was more of the same with multiple Brazilian shots on goal but nothing would go through. That would all change in extra time when Neymar would put the team on his back and scored in 105’ + 1’. Croatia said not so fast and evened up the score Bruno Petković scored in 117’. Croatia would go on to win in PKs and would advance.

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Croatia vs. Brazil Highlights | 2022 FIFA World Cup | Quarterfinals

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42 Responses

  1. FOX Soccer says:

    Wuka Wodrić 🇭🇷

  2. fork says:

    I love how Croatia didn’t give up after Neymars goal and fought till the end. Croatia’s penalty kicks are their biggest strength, which is why Brazil shouldn’t have relaxed after their first goal to avoid the shootout. But very well played Croatia! ❤

    • Petey Pete says:

      @Kenneth Peang you must be south Korean that’s why you are crying.

    • Petey Pete says:

      @Kenneth Peang you are hater .

    • ρнαηтσм says:

      @4465Vman penalties are random that’s why Croatia won. And Livankovic was saving the whole game by saving all the good opportunies thats reason number 2

    • Il Broducciore says:

      @Kenneth Peang Quick question for you to reflect on: were you as judgmental when the player from Cameroon who scored against Brazil took off his shirt and showed his torso to everybody as a celebration, right before he got a red card?

    • Il Broducciore says:

      @Kenneth Peang They danced to celebrate individual goals, not to celebrate winning the whole tournament. Celebrating goals has been part of football for a very long time now.

  3. Oliver Clothesoff says:

    What a game! I don’t even like soccer and I love this world cup. The goalie on the Croatia team is a freakin monster. He was a wall. It’s nuts to think brazil is out of the finals. Great work by the Croatia 🇭🇷👏👍👌🙌💪🇭🇷

    • Ben Tientcheu says:

      @Oliver Clothesoff Soccer is short for Association. It went from Assoc to Socca to Soccer. ⚽ was called Association football so to differentiate between other footballs that were around. These terms were actually invented by the English themselves, it just so happened that the term stuck in America, Australia, South Africa and Canada because of English influence. American 🏈 was called Gridiron Football. They are all footballs.

    • hmdwgf says:

      The next WC is coming to North America in 2026!

    • Bald Mista says:

      @Joel Atteberry idk man. I like watching football live. Super entertaining for me. Everybody is different.

    • find me ☀️ says:

      @Oliver Clothesoff you know I actually agree with you. That’s why I don’t watch nfl anymore. Luckily for me college ball is a million times better anyway. Might have to give sumo wrestling a try!

    • Oliver Clothesoff says:

      @Kevin yes it should be called football universally. Idk why we call it soccer. I should look that up.

  4. AlNimri says:

    *Marvelous goalkeeping by Livakovic.* That was insane!

  5. Hi Mito says:

    My money was on Brazil 🇧🇷 to win the World Cup! Great game Croatia 🇭🇷 ! Great luck in the rest of the tournament and thanks for making this entertaining! Much love from Mexico 🇲🇽

    • Toto 1 says:

      @potato joeArgentina got lucky this World Cup and is barely now facing quality opposition in the quarter finals. Last World Cup they got whooped by Croatia and then ran into France in the round of 16 and went home.

    • P M says:

      It will be Portugal. This is the world cup of upsets. A team that’s never won will raise the trophy this year.

      Also, not sure what game you watched. Croatia were mightily outplayed from the start of the 2nd half till the end. Repeatedly winning in shootouts is hardly something to brag about.

    • ρнαηтσм says:

      @JMR Bruh, this wc is rigged so France won’t win. Let’s see if the trashiest country wins it (Marocco)

    • Borovic Branka says:

      @soulassassin0g maybe Croatia takes the trophy to their beautiful country, after all 4 years ago they played finals against France, if the judges were not corrupted ….

    • James Alexander says:

      @soulassassin0g France …. Easy-Peasey!

  6. thales says:

    I can’t even watch it. We fought so hard but Croatia is a great team and their goalie saved the day for them. It’s a very sad day for Brazil. Congrats to our team for the beautiful journey until here 🇧🇷🇧🇷

  7. Frank L says:

    The goalie for Croatia is amazing as is the rest of the team. Brazil fought them hard but the equalizer with almost no time left by Croatia was beyond belief. Terrific match.

    • Tyler Altom says:

      @anhhung2009watch the equalizer again, huge deflection. Everyone talking about the pens but Croatia were in fact extremely lucky just to equalize

    • NotSoLiberal says:

      Brazil was reckless. Why was everyone dragging feet to get back

    • sunrisers says:

      Worst defense ever from Brazil.. utterly disappointed.

    • paulohaulo says:

      @Worthy Cap It definitely helps create shots, they had a lot more shots on target than Croatia did because of it. The problem is they weren’t accurate enough to finish it and give some credit to Croatia’s goalkeeper, he had a great game. By comparison, Croatia’s only goal (and only shot on target) was a deflection. Croatia barely scraped by but this is how they will have to win the rest of the tournament against bigger nations.

    • Worthy Cap says:

      @anhhung2009 Dribbling and dancing with the ball doesn’t always help you win a game. Brazil’s way of playing is very predictable.

  8. Saelar says:

    Both teams have done a great job. I’m sad that Brazil didn’t pull through. As long as I can remember, they were always my 2nd team after US(where I’m from). Well done Croatia. Well done Brazil. This was a great game

  9. fatmanur says:

    That goalie anticipated every nutmeg the Brazilians attempted. He’s playing at a crazy high level. Definitely rooting for Croatia at this point!

  10. Still Sleeping says:

    The desperation, passion, the sheer energy this Croatian team has just stuns me. I’ll give some credit to Brazil, but this Croatian side is something else.

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