Crocodile Caught in Drainpipe!

Crocodile Caught in Drainpipe!

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On this episode of Breaking Trail, Coyote and the crew are headed into Palo Verde National Park to find and capture American Crocodiles alongside wildlife biologist and crocodile expert Dr. Chris Murray.

Assisted by snare master Mike Easter, their goal is to find and locate giant Crocodiles from which they hope to collect valuable data for the ongoing research being conducted by Dr. Murray in Costa Rica… however, there is a bit of a challenge at hand…THERE IS NO WATER IN SIGHT!

A prolonged drought that has completely dried up these reptiles normal habitats has forced them into hiding in many unusual places…including a drainpipe in the middle of a sweltering desert-like environment.

Will Coyote and the team be able to extract the crocs from the pipe to gather the data? Well you’ll just have to watch to find out!

Get ready for one seriously EPIC Crocodile adventure!

*Special thanks to Dr. Chris Murray, Mike Easter and the staff of the Palo Verde Biological Research Station for all of their help and support in the making of this episode.

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20 Responses

  1. ToastChannel says:

    I was actually sweating during this video xD

  2. Master Shim says:

    got em!! ahahaha

  3. Beastly Muffin says:

    I have a question how can aligator sanitario put there eyes in mudo water

  4. Animehhhgamer MysteryMagician says:

    I wait for 3 days to watch all of your videos.

  5. Wabadebadoo Olelikemjoel says:

    I’ve seen coyote use that bag for well over a year now (I think it’s the
    same bag). What bag is that? Seems rather durable and reliable for such an

  6. CREEPERDUDE3098 says:

    Did you tack of the duck tap?

  7. Semi_Ghost Cat says:

    “But you are hurting the crocodile.” Shut up butt hurt people it is

  8. Klint John Marino says:

    What Pokemon is that?

  9. Tartifondue says:

    The crocodiles are so cute

  10. Reefzuan Yaccob says:

    di so a mezing

  11. DerpGuyPLAYZ says:

    Hey Coyote,
    have you ever had more hair and decided to cut it, if so is is because you
    don’t want to get lice?

  12. Juni0rBlack says:

    4:04 what

  13. Turbzy says:

    dont the crocodiles starve to death underground?

  14. Tyler Thompson says:

    Why did I think the people at the beginning were the gator boys?

  15. Toxic Hazard says:

    6:29 ‘Released back into the wild’ Seems ironic that it goes back into a
    man made, synthetic material drainage pipe

  16. Siri____ _You_Autism_ says:

    What is this feature ??? 2160p ???

    3 minute into video


  17. Prod. Flip says:

    got eem

  18. SS K says:

    Did u just assume the crocodiles gender

  19. DJflats 11 says:

    Mike is a beast

  20. April Hunter says:

    Did you know those cracks in the ground/dirt are caused by water?