Crowd boos as Trump calls media ‘fake’ in Davos

Crowd boos as Trump calls media ‘fake’ in Davos

The crowd at the World Economic Forum in Davis, Switzerland, booed when President Trump called the media “fake.”

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25 Responses

  1. K. Flynn says:

    What are all the dislikes for?

  2. zozo coco says:

    Cnn is trolling us to our faces.

  3. Donald Trump says:

    They were doing oooo’s like when someone burns someone else with a joke

  4. Loon Maker says:

    I would like to make a point that when Donald Trump says “Fake News.” It is because the media is attacking him. Donald Trump wants a government run media. What people don’t understand is that America doesn’t have government sponsored media, because government sponsored media would mean we couldn’t see when the president messes up. He is trying to create a government run media like Russia or North Korea. And he says fake news because he can’t have a government run media.

  5. Rob Leonard says:

    They’re booing you CNN. Not Trump.

  6. Andrew Horrocks says:

    Literally fake news about him calling them fake news

  7. Aisha Neal says:

    “I think we’re doing a really great job” the government shut down for two days and it’s only temporarily up now.

  8. cosgrove notts says:

    Your not a politician for sure lol.

  9. PainBlame says:

    Yeah, the crowd also laughed…the title of this video is fake news

  10. Mario Ricardo Lopez says:

    The crowd laughs!, another case of CNN = FAKE NEWS!. Misleading title, keeping them honest. Ha Ha Ha Last laugh in 2020.

  11. Jared Lindblad says:

    media can be fake, i don’t like trump but there setting this up like he is crazy for saying that

  12. Kray Rodriguez says:

    CNN, this is why you get in trouble and get called fake news…there are clearly people laughing and applauding as well. You have to bee 110% honest or you’ll be always knows as fake news

  13. JDAgaming says:

    Just shut up CCN. I’m not even joking

  14. Ken Nicholas says:

    That isn’t his base out there cheering him on– and it’s also not the average European, since they would not be the audience at a DAVOS forum. Even rich Europeans are ambivalent toward him, so imagine how most Europeans would react if they were in the audience. I bet there are street protests there.

  15. LRsnipes says:

    Lol the crowd was booing the media… can’t take this win @cnn

  16. pedro litao says:

    Trump, the greatest comedian ever, he´s a cross between Mr Bean and Eric Cartman

  17. Conner Adams says:

    That was not a boo. That was a ooh and a bunch of claps. CNN is proving his point 😂😂 you guys are desperate! Trump is killing it and this rhetoric makes everyone on the left sound insane!? But what’s new

  18. Dal Pal says:

    CUCK Network at its finest!

  19. blue bear says:

    Is this supposed to be a joke?? Cause those didnt sound like boos. I’m not even for trump but this is pathetic.

    How stupid do you think us common folk are? Jesus christ.

  20. Ty's Reviews And More says:

    Fake news: thy were booing at the press, and they were also laughing

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