Crowds continue to march through Los Angeles in protest of George Floyd killing

Crowds continue to march through Los Angeles in protest of George Floyd killing

Large crowds of protesters continue to march through Los Angeles more than a week after the killing of George Floyd. Watch our live broadcast for the latest developments. #LosAngeles #GeorgeFloyd


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48 Responses

  1. Bart Burdick says:

    I just researched it more. At almost $26 trillion, the US national debt has exceeded the economy. That’s NOT good. 😧

    • Deez Nutz says:

      It is all funny money anyway; they will cook the books to make it look okay.

    • Da normal 1 gaming says:

      Money is just’s doesn’t cost 20 dollars to create a 20 dollar note..this thing called debt is bs

    • truth hurts says:

      Thank Obama for giving 150 Billion and NUKES TO IRAN!!

    • icedcoffeetones says:

      Thats good news for the banksters that profit from debt interest. The same banksters and NGO’s that fund the MSM. It’s no coincidence that they promote this stuff and want to flood the countries with people that will add to the debt.

    • Holland Berard says:

      @Da normal 1 gaming You clearly didn’t pass basic economics if you don’t understand the nature and implications of debt

  2. john d Cramblit says:

    That reporter wasn’t wearing a face mask! Get him boys! lmao

    • Mister. Magnificent says:

      @Juan Escutia pobre Giovanni porque no se puso mascara

    • Juan Escutia says:

      @Mister. Magnificent Pues ya sabes como en México a la raza le vale verga y hace lo que quiere. Así como sí hay gente siguiendo las reglas de sanidad, a otros les vino importando chorizo.
      Por cierto, que rico se ve que te quedan las tortas de huevo con chorizo. Luego me aviento más de tus videos de recetas con sazón mexicano.
      Se conoce que el tal Giovanni López de 30 años era albañil. Ya fuera de la vista de la cámara lo golpearon hasta que se cansaron por oponer resistencia al sometimiento. Seguro le dijeron algo como, “¡Ah! ¿Sí? Muy bravo mendigo perro. Ahorita te damos tu calentadita, para que te eduques pinche mugroso.” Y pues lo terminaron matando. Al final salió torturado y hasta con balazo. Es cosa de todos los días aquí en México, ya que los derechos humanos en este país no son más que puro simulacro. También por eso amanecen policías muertos todos los días. Aunque la mayoría son por estar coludidos con el narco. En síntesis, no cabe duda que las autoridades en México son un chiste de mal gusto. Brincos daríamos por tener policías como los que tienen en Estados Unidos, con todo y lo sucedido con el señor estafador de billetes falsos Floyd.

    • Mister. Magnificent says:

      @Juan Escutia
      Gracias Juan, de cual parte de mexico eres? La policia aqui en Los Angeles vale verga , solo te quieren chingar de un modo o otro. Su trabajo ya no es de protejer a la gente solo chingar la.

    • Juan Escutia says:

      @Mister. Magnificent De Jalisco, la tierra de la corrupción e impunidad.

      Sí, acerca de lo que dices de los puercos de Los Ángeles, te entiendo perfecto. Esos policías latinos, por no decirles pochos, son los peores.

      Unos hasta ya son famosos por sus prácticas indebidas, como el mentado “officer Peña”:

      No hablan hablan bien ni el inglés ni el español, y se sienten las meras riatas.

    • SPM says:

      I dont wear no mask and no body is forcing me good thing I carry a little something.

      Have been for 11 years and I dont even vote republican but do agree with them on the 2A

  3. Mister. Magnificent says:

    4:07:32 the virus does not enter through your neck…
    4:08:21 shaking a strangers hand?
    News Anchor “Rick Chambers”  
    The guy spent half of March, ALL of April, May, continuously reporting the virus effects, causes, preventions, mortality rates, deaths, ETC..

    and here he is on LIVE television not following any of the advice he reported.

    Come on man!

  4. Martin Rooker says:

    Fools wont b able to breath when they all spread coronavirus to each

  5. Muzzy337 says:

    The rioters used the promo code “I Can’t Breathe” to get 100% off.

  6. Foxaham says:

    my opinion its not even about george anymore

  7. IMrKnight Lake says:

    George Floyd would not want looters or this too happen… that what his brother said…

    • truth hurts says:

      Krampus ??? What?
      If you want to see REAL NAZI’S just look at a Democrat. They are what they accuse others of. Its a FACT!!!

    • Krampus says:

      @truth hurts You are what you accuse others of. Does that make you a Nazi?

    • Robert hinton jr says:

      @Krampus Nazi? You saing Floyd wasn’t arrested for home invasion and threatening a pregnant woman with a gun to the belly?

    • Robert hinton jr says:

      @Krampus David Dorn…. Chicago, Baltimore, ect…

    • awesomeguynamedjon says:

      George Floyd was a home invader. That’s like looting… On meth. Which Floyd also used.

  8. TieFighter34 says:

    Why walk in the streets and go on freeways blocking traffic? That’s breaking the law by the way.

  9. Cassandra Schmidt says:

    What happened to the curfew? When my parents gave me one, it meant I had to be HOME by then…not on my way!

  10. Kelly McShane says:

    You mean destroy.

  11. Pinkie Love says:

    The media loves to push this,,Why not report the thousands that died yesterday

  12. ze ze says:

    US : Start Roiting and Burning Store
    Hong Kong : First time?

  13. Boogey Man says:

    “Where law ends, Tyranny begins” John Locke 1689

  14. Simply-G ASMR says:

    All the protests will do now..

    is make the police more nervous when they r doing their jobs.. that’s not a good thing…

    and spread corona..

  15. dopemelody says:

    Derek Chauvin had his charges upgraded to 2nd Degree Murder, and the other three officers involved have been charged and arrested.
    Still think they’re protesting about an injustice?

  16. Jpublishing Jpublishing says:

    “The same community affected by hundreds of years of brutality and injustice were now publicly feuding over what is the appropriate way to resist”

  17. awesomeguynamedjon says:

    I’m shocked George Floyds cause of death wasn’t listed as COVID.

  18. The Paracosm says:

    This was never about Floyd, it was about taking advantage of a tragedy. The fools will most likely cause an extreme wave of Corona from all of this.

  19. Ray Kehr says:

    They’re all just waiting for the right strip mall to destroy.

  20. Lee says:

    There’s no reason for you to be blocking the street omfg

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