CRS-10 | Falcon 9 First Stage Landing

CRS-10 | Falcon 9 First Stage Landing

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19 Responses

  1. Fipser3737 says:

    It’s so smooth, i came.

  2. fantastic says:

    The day I decided to become an aerospace engineer and join spaceX on their mission.

  3. Edabada says:

    Can we go to mars now?

  4. MythicFrost says:

    Looks rather graceful pintpoint landing on distance. I wonder would it even be possible or practical to make second stage reusable too?

  5. JACK says:

    this footage is what I imagined the future would look like , so fucking cool. well done spacex on another amazing launch and landing

  6. bob345 says:

    Watching these landings will never get old.

  7. dr4t says:

    It came from the sky

  8. Brian De Souza says:

    This is what Congress should have invested after the Apollo missions, instead of wasting hundreds of billions in the shuttle.

  9. Dustan Jones says:

    4k at 60fps? I can only get so erect!

  10. Scott Manley says:

    Fantastic, I understand how complicated getting this approved can be, hope we can see similar footage from future launches.

  11. The Llama Mama Saitama says:

    910 likes to 0 dislikes, I think its kind of unanimously agreed that this shit is awesome.
    Update: 2400 likes and 4 flat earthers.

  12. The Andromeda says:

    I remember when people said this would be impossible. It’s crazy to see how what was considered impossible is now reality.

  13. Hans Yolo says:

    I can’t wait for Falcon Heavy so we can see 3 landings in a short time.

  14. GoldSilver (w/ Mike Maloney) says:

    Think @SpaceX landings are fake? Organize a meet up on the landing pad next launch to prove your point, and win a collective Darwin Award 🙂

  15. Kyle Li says:

    Imagine a caveman watching this.

  16. clint morris says:

    Pleased to see that the flat earther comments are at a minimal here. Hopefully that form of trolling is getting old and will die out.

  17. the artist says:

    If you had shown this to anyone ten years ago they would have thought this video was in reverse!
    (the smoke plume tells the truth)

  18. Killer Kappuccino says:

    This is obviously fake.
    1) You can’t see the stars (it was conveniently cloudy)
    2) You can’t see Neil Armstrong’s shadow

    Looks like the work of Stanley Kubrick to me.

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