CRS-8 | First Stage Landing on Droneship

CRS-8 | First Stage Landing on Droneship

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20 Responses

  1. Flying90 says:

    57 people are nasa employees

  2. synergestic says:

    As soon as blue origin lands its another little commercial spacecraft,
    spacex answers them by landing falcon 9 on water.

  3. 10100rsn says:

    Congrats SpaceX. Looked pretty graceful. Still a little rough with that
    bouncing, but I’m sure they all can’t be that smooth.

  4. James Mcenanly says:

    With the way that the barge was pitching up and down, I can see why the
    previous stages fell over.

  5. FcAngusht93 says:

    Это все из-за Обамы

  6. Jorge Navarrete (Mike) says:


  7. hailstorm711 says:

    Congrats SpaceX. Great work.

  8. jramir2 says:

    why is this a big thing though? any articles you guys could attached would
    much appreciated.

  9. slawomir buchała says:


  10. Savvy Customs says:

    So you’re saying we can land a rocket on a boat. ZOMG!! Who gives a fuck?
    How about something more meaningful to life on this planet instead of old
    kids playing with expensive toys I have to help fund?

  11. Вадим Иванов says:

    Блять кино для идиотов lol

  12. Elena Murchikova says:


  13. f47lbx3 says:

    Reminds me of Nadia Comăneci flying off the uneven bars and sticking a
    perfect landing on the mat for a 10!

  14. Roseann Heckel says:

    awesome job congratulations. i hope you put out another video like last
    time you landed on land. i would love to see the people that worked on its
    reaction and excitement when it landed.

  15. ThunderStruckCoach says:

    So real it looks fake. Great job for sure.

  16. Craig Jacobs says:

    61 people work at ULA or Blue Origin.

  17. Ivan Barrero says:

    THE FUTURE!!!!!

  18. Allen A says:


  19. Igor Felipe says:

    precisão! – precision!

  20. Wi Wo says:

    А тем временем нацгады кремлевской хунты готовятся к карательным операциям
    против граждан рф, а др. граждане рф “жрут” с лопат “халявные” пироги. Вот
    такой прогресс в путинской рф :)))