Crushing book with hydraulic press

Crushing book with hydraulic press

Book vs. our press
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Video contains “bad language”
Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!!

Music Thor’s Hammer-Ethan Meixell

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20 Responses

  1. AustinJay137 says:

    Crush a stack of CDs ?

  2. Adam Lawrence Santos says:

    Crush a small pillow

  3. PopTartNeko says:


  4. FondSteam39 says:

    i love your videos and i was wondering, how much did your press cost?

  5. Banker says:

    How does it feel that the most dangerous thing that you crushed was a book.

  6. Joey says:

    Book > Hydraulic press??

  7. ragestew says:

    Crushing Books (Gone Wrong!) (Almost Died!) (Camera Did Actually Die!)

  8. Musto123ify says:

    put your head in it

  9. Kodizzie says:

    “The hödrolic press channel, today we have [ …]”

    My favorite part of every video.

  10. KuroSatsu says:

    Seeing as paper seems to have a reoccurring theme where it explodes when
    pressed, I wonder what a straight up tree would do. Crush the hardest wood
    you can find (hah hah hah).

  11. robert felts says:

    largest gummy bear

  12. Nate 4510 says:

    Do a baseball!

  13. Bish Wut says:


  14. Grant Baumgart says:

    wheelbarrow tire

  15. Bazooka Penguinz says:

    Can a scientist explain what happened here?

  16. Will Jacobs says:

    Holy cow, this is getting dangerous now!

  17. Practical Engineering says:

    Holy shit!

  18. Good one! says:

    holy shit that’s amazingly fascinating reaction

  19. michael adams says:

    no wonder dictatorships and churches (same thing really) ban books. you
    just showed why they do that. great video.

  20. Sheyk Sikarius says:

    This channel has teached me that a Book is more dangerous than exploding