Crushing coins with hydraulic press

Crushing coins with hydraulic press

coins vs. our press

Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!!

Music Thor’s Hammer-Ethan Meixell

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20 Responses

  1. adam97101500 says:

    Press a wooden plank!

  2. 13ear44 says:

    crush a bag of weed

  3. Wyatt Stubbs says:

    Not the giraffe :(

  4. laurdy says:

    crush a full, sealed can of soda

  5. Niki Nik says:

    Torille :)

  6. Jason Frost says:

    Crush a titanium block.

  7. memyselfiamweird says:

    Giraffe is so good. A unicorn or a dragon would be great :D

  8. Yom Bomb says:


  9. FunkyFresh48 says:

    I always wondered what Mika Hakkinen was going to do after retirement, now
    I know. Keep up the great work. Subscribed!!

  10. Jere Savolainen says:

    Please crush a roll of Duct tape.

  11. Peter Smith says:

    Does anyone know where this guy is from?

  12. Adrixsan says:

    Crush a baseball ball or a pool ball.

  13. Snegg _ says:

    That’s what it looks like when you place coins on train tracks. Not that I
    would know ;)

  14. dean obrien says:

    love it all!!!!!! Baseball baseball.

  15. Panagiotis Panagopoulos says:

    crush a bone please

  16. solokiwidestroyer says:

    Abe never wanted this type of press cracking down on him…

  17. XANApwns says:

    I’m very *impressed*.

  18. Xorrin says:

    Press your hand

  19. EgolandTed says:

    Put your willy in it.

  20. Alec Scheller says:

    crush a baseball