Crushing diamond with hydraulic press

Crushing diamond with hydraulic press

Diamond vs. our press
Big thanks to Brilliant earth for making this video possible
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Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!!

Music Thor’s Hammer-Ethan Meixell

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20 Responses

  1. THE SONIC GUYS says:

    Subscribe we Make Funny Comments

  2. crash10125 says:

    Crushing a live baby’s head with hydrolic press.

  3. Roxas theNobody says:

    They told me diamond is unbreakable.

    I feel lied to.

  4. clubpenguinfan123 says:

    crush an ant and then crush a spider

  5. Isaac Craft says:

    Crush a log

  6. John Doe says:

    Crush your own skull

  7. Cold Fire says:

    That wasn’t a real diamond… the real one would cost fortune, and wouldn’t

  8. themanfredmanley says:

    Crush a stack of tempered glass panels

  9. xMrGoofeyHD says:

    Finally found the channel that is all over my fucking Instagram

  10. yay Miso says:

    crush a dictionary

  11. weeruz says:

    Guess who won the great Press Channel Youtube war of 2016.

  12. Robin VD says:

    Fold your clothes with hydraulic press

  13. Satan says:

    Press a human head, that would be a sight to see!

  14. zeromemes says:

    4:13 “The tiger became ass-tray”

  15. ItsNotTrue says:

    a 1.2 karat diamond is roughly $7,000…. GOOD GOD.

  16. Andrew H says:

    How much was it worth?

  17. mohammed faraaz says:

    Crush hard ice cube!! The size of a large brick

  18. Nathan Toney says:

    try a 1 inch block of tungsten carbide

  19. Clin ick says:

    nokia phone next

  20. Azur Wrought says:

    can u crush my dreams next o wait it’s to late for that