Crushing Jawbreaker with hydraulic press

Crushing Jawbreaker with hydraulic press

Jawbreaker vs. our press
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Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!!

Music Thor’s Hammer-Ethan Meixell

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20 Responses

  1. sparta139 says:

    Crush a whole chicken

  2. That Norwegian Dude says:

    try to crush a diamond

  3. One Heart Heroes says:

    Why does everything explode when pressed with a hydraulic press!

  4. ZeroSkerbo says:

    Press a Baseball and an aluminum baseball bat

  5. Sevzor says:

    Crush a phone book

  6. TheSpyroBrothers says:


  7. AsianGang AVP says:

    I’m gayer than ur two dads

  8. Ghostzlayer00 says:

    You should get something around the bottom part so that what you put there
    wont go away when you crush it. :)

  9. untrustedlol says:

    Crush a can of Coke

  10. Lawrence Hammer says:

    *laughs finnishly*

  11. funny tho says:

    press a bigmac!

  12. Ryan Hickok says:

    A can of Coke would be awesome!

  13. Егор Давыдов says:

    packaging of matches!!!!!

  14. Tommy Watson says:

    what about a diamond?

  15. leadfoot lawnmower says:

    wow this channel took off quick. haha who knew there where so many people
    that like to see stuff get crushed for no other reason then to just see it
    flattened to oblivion. i have a few suggestions. tape measure / old vhs
    player / a camera this time recording till it cant record no more / a tv
    set and i could go on forever haha.

  16. Eriks Ojers says:

    deez one

  17. A Different Video of a Banana Every Goddamn Day says:

    This channel absolutely fascinates me

  18. Vio says:

    Crush a whole tub of play doh (container included)

  19. twelge15 says:

    Letterman used to do this. ‘Crushing things with a 10 ton hydraulic press’.

  20. AverageJoe2828 says:

    Do a nokia old phone