Crushing legos with hydraulic press

Crushing legos with hydraulic press

Legos vs. our press
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Do not try this at home!! or at any where else!!

Music Thor’s Hammer-Ethan Meixell

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20 Responses

  1. Igor Polar says:

    Crush a bullet from a gun, just dont poit it towards you xD

  2. ezekielatuatasi says:

    Crush and iPod into an iPad

  3. megacharge64 says:

    You gotta crush lime green Lego pieces those motherfuckers wouldn’t stand a

  4. Charles Gould says:

    PLEASE crush a hammer, a candle, a Slinky, a roller skate/skateboard wheel,
    an 8 ball, a glass bottle of well-shaken beer, a can of well-shaken beer, a
    baseball, a soccer ball, a meat tenderizer, a cast iron skillet, marbles, a
    pint of ice cream, a CO2 cartridge, a super-bouncy ball, and my
    ex-girlfriend’s head.

  5. Carlos Bernal says:

    Crush a Stretch ArmStrong Toy

  6. duolo 1302 says:

    Crush a bunch of wax crayons or play-doh

  7. Samuel Holmes says:

    try a can of soda or a plastic bottle of soda that would be cool.

  8. Matthew Stein says:

    Crush a remote control

  9. GoldenHellRazor says:

    I would love to see a paint can get massacred by the Hydraulic Press

  10. Michael Li says:

    Try a golf ball with something around the base of it to hold it in place.
    They are made to change shapes so it would be interesting

  11. nickgomez17 says:

    try crushing a glass, St Ruperts drop

  12. Christiaan Muilwijk says:

    HOT WHEELS!! crush a hot wheels brotha

  13. Desertfox says:

    Crush a jawbreaker candy ( the huge gum balls that you need to lick )

  14. 0Catchy says:

    what supprises me the most is how much they are laughing at this…

  15. Hanrichard says:

    you should try to crush marbles

  16. Trademarked says:

    But… Will it blend?

  17. Absolute Beast says:


  18. Baronofevil says:

    You guys need to crush some Finnish things

  19. FusionOrtiz says:

    Press a dumb bell

  20. ZebraAndTheZombies says:

    Do you expect me to talk?
    No Mr. Bond I expect you to die
    By the way Mr. Bond how do you like your pancakes?