Cruz Christmas Classics

Cruz Christmas Classics

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20 Responses

  1. Logic Tree says:

    Samantha Bee is doing a bunch of campaigning for him in like comedy
    sketches that portray him as super perfect and american and that’s the
    joke. The joke of the whole adds is just look how nice this person is. I
    don’t really have an opinion on the Republican presidential candidates
    except this and i know its gonna get me hell, but politics on my channel
    and it seems like the because of what the regressives have done to the
    country as well as the amount of both the support trump gets from people
    because he’s a crazy extremist and from the left secretly because they just
    want the regressives gone and don’t care how its done…I know this sounds
    crazy, but the man will become president because really all Hillary has to
    do is talk and instantly everyone sais and thinks the same thing (outloud)
    “Yay Hillary, see everyone i’m not sexist, look at how not sexist i am!”
    (in head) “ANYTHING is better than this” and its just the reality of the
    time we live in right now. I know that many people will say in response to
    this that “of course id vote for Hillary over trump” but not one of them
    unless they are the most hate filled 3rd wave feminist will mean it…the
    bottom line in the next general election is this “Do i want a fire
    breathing dragon (trump) or do i want Morgana the witch who will just
    subjugate everyone to her will (Hillary)” I wish this wasn’t are reality
    but it is….crap.

  2. High Five Ghost says:

    Anyone here ever seen the film Chef by Jon Favreau?

  3. Cassidy C (cassidybeauty) says:

    these poor children

  4. OCIR7135 says:

    This needs to be moved away to a safe speech zone so the libbies won’t be
    harmed by facts buried in humor.

  5. banana_clump says:

    mmm, the things i’d do to take a ride on cruz’s “christmas classic”.

  6. Bipen Sheep says:

    Best video ever (bounced on my boys dick to this)!

  7. JeepYJAdventures says:

    Haha I don’t even like this guy and this was hilarious!

  8. jengo1 says:

    Wait … this was real ? I thought it was an SNL skit because of how bad it
    was. This guy is a joke and so is the entire GOP. They haven’t brought out
    a single viable candidate.

  9. Noah Robert Graves says:

    Is it just me, or does anybody else get a closeted drag-queen vibe from
    Cruz?? (I’m not picking on the man… I’m just saying…)

  10. CollegeGirl says:

    these politicians are childish

  11. Andrew November says:

    Is this a joke? I really can’t tell.

  12. Gabe Blair says:

    Rand Paul is better.

    But this was fucking hilarious.

  13. Jonasz Karwacki says:

    I almost thought this was an snl skit

  14. Gorgor Gor says:

    This gave me Ebola

  15. Sergeant Pepper says:

    Really? Liberals, fucking leave. The Obama administration is cutting
    circulation to America, and the Democratic party is a cancer slowly killing
    this country. Even if you are a democrat, you can’t say this wasn’t funny.
    You’re either a close-minded faggot, or lack a sense of humor. So,
    sincerely, fuck off, uneducated, ignorant liberals. #Cruz2k16

  16. ivan joj says:

    What a colossal douche

  17. lolwhosdavid says:


  18. Emperor of holy Rome says:

    If I was a father, I would read to my children those books.

  19. Andrew Tabish says:

    Ted Cruz is, by far, the best presidential candidate running for the
    election. That’s not just an opinion, that’s a fact.

  20. GodSlayer says:

    TRUMP/CRUZ 2016