Cruz voicemail 1 – Carson Dropping Out – Galveston, Texas – 7:07 p.m. CST

Cruz voicemail 1 – Carson Dropping Out – Galveston, Texas – 7:07 p.m. CST

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20 Responses

  1. moindre de deux maux says:

    When this happened, Ted Cruz’s PR guy (Dan, who is an ex-CIA agent by the
    way – not making this shit up) deleted his tweet about Ben Carson
    suspending his campaign and tried to shift the blame on Trump’s supporters.
    When caught up in a lie and someone showed him that they took a screenshot
    of his tweet, he acted like he had no idea what was going on and kept the
    tweet up claiming it was Trump’s people that started the rumor, while he
    remained on full damage control asking why people want to ruin his
    reputation. Hmm, wonder why.

    Cruz know about this. He knew what was going on. He gave it the okay and
    then you have the mess he’s in now. No confirmation, no contacting anyone
    to make sure, just a quick shot to steal votes. It’s all he cared about,
    *not* the voters themselves.

    This is not good for Cruz no matter how people try to spin it and say it
    is. I’ve seen his die-hard supporters say that they *actually want* someone
    like this who will do anything to get elected. That includes telling
    another candidate’s supporters a rumor/lie to get their votes, then later
    calling them “dumbasses” for believing it. They don’t realize that they
    sound *just like* Hillary supporters. That is the crap she’d pull and her
    supporters would pull the wool over their eyes and blindly go
    along….except these people are claiming they are “anti-establishment” and
    that Cruz is an “outsider”. Seems like typical establishment tricks to me.

    It’s hilarious, yet so sad at the same time.They really do believe
    everything he says, but are in complete denial when it comes to Cruz. Even
    if proof is laid out in front of them. Just look at Glenn Beck, who I am
    sure would gladly suck off Mark Levin if someone told him they’d make Cruz
    president if he did. Even with this audio out, they’ll still say it’s CNN’s
    fault…completely missing that no one buy’s that shit but them.

  2. Brutiful says:

    I can’t discern the words, would someone mind summarizing?

  3. Goyim Liberator says:

    With Cruz You Lose

  4. Fredrik S says:

    Hey..this is taking it too far….

  5. LXX Researcher says:

    Teddy’s a politician and a liar, but I repeat myself.

  6. donna dunaway says:

    Do they know FOR SURE the call originated from his camp? I am a Carson
    supporter, but, how do we know that someone else isn’t just trying to keep
    the GOP candidates fighting? or democrats hoping to ruin Carson leaving the
    GOP with less of a chance to win against them?

  7. dcoulter2001 says:

    This is bad for Cruz… Drives me to Trump

  8. SoandSo says:

    You guys can’t be serious right Trump is literally a terrible asshole

  9. Noah Robert Graves says:

    Is this for real?? If so, Cruz should be SLAMMED MERCILESSLY for this. Cruz
    is a sleazy, self-serving creep, and I’ve never trusted him before. I
    certainly don’t trust him now.

  10. Emmett Miller says:

    Can someone type what he said as a reply to me please

  11. Jonathan Schwartz says:

    Am I the only one who didn’t understand anything she said?!?!

  12. cory gonzalez says:


  13. Dan says:

    Get over it. Cruz isn’t going to be the next president of any country, in
    any planet, and in any galaxy…well maybe in Canada…

  14. magic1969ify says:

    Trump is still going to be the nominee.

  15. Daniel Requeno says:

    Can someone tell me what the fuck was said? I couldn’t hear shit.

  16. Nishiki_ FE says:

    what did cruz say i can bearly makeout what the voicemail said

  17. James Gaul says:

    Trump sticking up for Dr. Lethargic? Yeah right.

  18. Slippy says:

    Does it even matter. Republicunts time is over. They’re nothing but a
    sideshow attraction

  19. Elias Trujillo says:

    And people thought Trump would more likely do something like this? He
    hasn’t! He has remained fair in this political season. Cruz should be
    punished somehow.

  20. Gerard Dixon says: