Cruz vs Ramirez FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS: September 4, 2022 | PBC on FOX PPV

Cruz vs Ramirez FIGHT HIGHLIGHTS: September 4, 2022 | PBC on FOX PPV

(Sept. 4, 2022) Top lightweight contender Isaac “Pitbull” Cruz (24-2-1, 17 KOs) delivered a highlight-reel knockout over veteran contender Eduardo Ramirez (27-3-3, 12 KOs) in the second round of their showdown.

Already a fan-favorite after giving three-division world champion Gervonta Davis all he could handle in defeat at this same arena last December, Mexico City’s Cruz entered the ring to roaring approval as he looked for another statement victory.

“I was ready to win at all costs, for my family and what better way to win than here in front of all the great fans in Los Angeles,” said Cruz.”

Midway through round two, Davis showed the fight-changing power that he possesses and that has helped make him a fan favorite in Los Angeles and beyond. Cruz first connected flush with a big left hook around a Ramirez jab that sent Ramirez to the mat hard.

While Ramirez was able to get to his feet, Cruz pushed forward, sensing his moment to end the fight. Using a feint right hand, Ramirez caught Cruz cleanly with another left hook and followed up with a powerful right hand to score a second knockdown. This time referee Jack Reiss jumped in immediately and halt the bout 2:27 into the round.

“I lost and I have to accept that,” said Ramirez. “I’ll get better and move forward. I felt like I was fighting well and then everything turned all of a sudden. That’s just boxing. Now I’m going to rest, recover and plan my next moves going forward. But I’ll definitely be back, you can count on that.”

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51 Responses

  1. Chris Venegas says:

    Vamos Cruz!! 🇲🇽

    • Aikau says:

      @Danny Cruz la neta que si , cuándo cayó el otro peleador a levantarse solamente choco su guante pero jamás tiro nada. Simplemente se quedó espantado y honestamente no sé ni quién es. Vamos viendo si se hace con un campeón, y que no lo exhiban como cuando enfrentó a gervonta davis

    • Danny Cruz says:

      Con puros bultos 🤣

  2. Luigi says:

    Beautiful setup to knockout Ramirez..
    Feint uppercut, then left hook followed by right straight..
    Congrats Pitbull Cruz..
    A fan of yours. 🙌🏻
    Greetings from PH 🇵🇭

  3. Josh Yang says:

    Cruz is a monster man! He deserves to fight the best! Lets go cruz!

  4. Joel Chavez says:

    Devastating power. Dude looked like he got hit by a cinder block,

    ran into a brick wall. In that weight class pitbull is Mike Tyson.

    Crushing power and granite chin.

    • Quentin Julien says:

      @Lebrons Step Dad he just knocked out a bum and you’re praising him like he beat somebody special…

    • Quentin Julien says:

      @Lebrons Step Dad regardless tank still beating with one hand and a fluke accident get out of here tank will destroy him in a rematch…

    • Daneiro Washington says:

      @A to the Z correct

    • A to the Z says:

      @Daneiro Washington if it looks like someone is winning. That means they are winning. Tank ran like a btch and pitbull outworked him. But whatever man. I mean its boxing. The judges are always honest and would never score incorrectly… right?

    • Lebrons Step Dad says:

      @Jc Exactly, he got walked down and was pushing the action.
      Dont understand how it wasn’t a draw at least.

  5. Marcos Reyes Antonio says:

    Ayer no me perdí esta pelea 🥊 que chido es ver boxear a PITBULL ❤

  6. Myhouseisdirty says:

    Yikes Cruz is definitely a problem 💪🏽

  7. Richie Deleon says:

    That beautiful feint at 1:18 though!!!! It looked like he was going to throw a right hook with his stance but he changed it so quick and threw that left hook. Absolutely gorgeous.

    • Richie Deleon says:

      @San Roque Boy in the first knockdown of this fight? He definitely didn’t do a feint. He changed levels and came with a lead hook. The second one he used his feints.

    • Richie Deleon says:

      @ironic I don’t celebrate another man’s success for myself. I’m just appreciating his awesome technique. If you’ve ever competed in fighting you would appreciate it as well. Go accomplish something.. it’ll help u stop being a negative Nancy.

    • INFECTED says:

      That’s what he needs to do, Feint more, and he will have a lot more success

    • San Roque Boy says:

      He did the same feint with the first knockout

    • I Mendoza says:

      Bro I’m glad I wasn’t the only on that noticed….that was text book!!!

  8. GoldenViper says:

    Cruz is so short but the amount of power in his punches are insane 🔥 He’s like a mini Mike Tyson

  9. Boy Tapang Vlogs says:

    Deserve a rematch with tank davis 🥶

    • Ronnie Barnes says:

      Tank beat him with 1 hand

    • Philly215 says:

      Too risky for Tank now. Not a chance he’ll fight him again. But, I’d finally buy a Tank PPV.

    • whip appeal says:

      @S G although he lost it would still be an amazing rematch. A lot of enthusiast would watch it. Worthy of pay per view and it would fill any arena without out a doubt. He proved he deserves a rematch after the first fight. Shit many fighters have come back after a loss and won in a rematch. I’m a tank fan for sure but no one can say a rematch wouldn’t be a beautiful thing to witness!

    • Vixx says:

      @S G kaya nga rematch ang tawag

    • Eduardo Mayorquin says:

      @S G he took it on short notice……..

  10. chivocasique says:

    I really wanted to see Cruz vs Garcia. Honestly I think Garcia was scared..

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