Crypto Dragon #shorts

Crypto Dragon #shorts

Crypto Dragon #shorts

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30 Responses

  1. Levi Ackerman says:

    Can we give a round of applause for the amount of work and effort this man puts into his skits?

  2. That Guy says:

    Unrealistic the dragon would go on a rant hours on end about how Bitcoin is worth investing in

    • Eyyyy_itsalvee says:

      Well if you invested in it WAYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYYY wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy earlier u would be rich

      I didn’t



    • Bennet Briggs says:

      Yo, not everyone is like that. I believe in cryptos, and know some stuff, but don’t even talk about it with everyone, and can go weeks, or months without talking about it, till someone comes to me, to ask me about it. I guess, it’s like with veggies, and vegans. Most just decide for it by themselves in peace, and silence, and keep minding their own business, while letting others to mind the same. Some of them J call my friends, even while not being veggie, or vegan, myself, but while we accept each other as we are. And then there are these radical pricks, which even try to make you disgusted while eating something, to go home hungry, just cause its against their point of view to eat that, and who would never let you in peace with their shit, while trying to convert you against your will. These I try to avoid. They are a minority in the whole community, but the loudest, thus the ones, who get the most attention, and form the image of the community to the outter world, which is a superficial, and generalizing one, itself, so not better by my opinion. You are part of that world. Have a nice day. 😃

    • Ayaro Cozy says:

      OH MY GOD FINALLY A COMMENT THAT ISNT “this guys so cute” “he’s a good talented actor” or the about staring at the camera

    • JustASweatP says:

      @I bully furries and gacha kids lmao but everyone does lol

    • TryTac says:

      Honestly i think that investing in bitcoin is worth it and i have invested myself.

      I do hate people that just rant about it tho..

  3. 君泽 says:

    His awkward stare at the camera is absolute perfection✨

  4. JellyPizza says:

    The amount of costumes this guy has I can’t even count them all

  5. Mori says:

    Im still laughing at the “you got mugged off mate” you are gold ❤️

  6. DreYeon says:

    I just love this guys expressions and hand gestures and all the costumes and skits.

    Keep going at it

  7. Cozy Tunes says:

    His expression after saying, “so I decided to store it in a decentralized global open source network” 🤣

  8. Jacy Thompson says:

    It’s crazy bc this dude is such a good actor that he actually “acts” as if he is a bad actor and pulls it off so well its obviously on purpose bc that’s the character. I love this guy’s personality and can’t wait to see what he does next.

    • Torben H. says:

      you should watch his “vlune” series from years back it’s amazing. It rides the line between surrealism and just “bad” vlogs perfectly

  9. z says:

    I’m still curious as to how many costumes he owns.

  10. JCL says:

    I love how his skits are so updated on current events that the new generation can relate👉🏼👈🏼😅

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