Crystal Wash Balls – Where are they NOW?

Crystal Wash Balls – Where are they NOW?

Do you guys remember these silly washing balls? They raised a lot of money on kickstarter and people continue to buy them, despite multiple tests and reviews showing that the claims made about the crystal wash balls are largely exaggerated or completely falsified.

I’ve been stocking up products and ideas for future kickstarter (where are they now) episodes, I hope that I can start pushing them out faster.



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20 Responses

  1. Jack Johnson says:

    -YouTube is in the shitter
    -Ian is posting vids way more often now

    We love you, mr Dups.

  2. Gaming Heart says:

    SO guys, also search for this YouTube video: *Carter Dolan Simple Hack*

    before he makes it private only

  3. dad says:

    you should use the green screen and wear that green alien suit and you’ll just be a floating head

  4. Safari Virtual says:

    THIS is why i subbed to idubbbz

  5. Victor Kuhn says:

    10:15 Leaked footage of Cody, from Daddyofive, putting shit all over the walls.

  6. TGDRQ says:


  7. Reed says:

    This shits #1 on trending what is youtube

  8. Alex Arias says:

    Why is this #1 on trending now? Plus I love seeing Ian then and now. I kinda miss old Ian when he was more goofy but gay retard will always be gay retard so

  9. god slaya says:

    I have the same fooking medal. At least I won it though.

  10. David McDonald says:

    Ian low key looks like the nerdy guy from criminal minds

  11. Jacob Ball says:


  12. Neil R says:

    i replayed the beginning over 10 times lmao

  13. ᖇᗩIᑎᗷOᗯ ᗯᗩᒪᖇᑌᔕ says:

    May the fourth be with you!

  14. Daniel Huseynov says:

    When your computer fell my phone slip from my hand and my dick fell of

  15. Ginjelly says:

    Idubbbz’s videos are actually improving somehow.

  16. iDubbbzTV says:

    Trending <3 Something Special for all :)

  17. Rident says:

    #1 on trending lmao YouTube is autistic

  18. Mai Waifu says:


  19. Tuxedo Troops Scandinavian Orange says:

    Fuckin placebo


    “#1 on trending”
    You did it daddy dubbz

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