Cuba vs. Netherlands Game Highlights | 2023 World Baseball Classic

Cuba vs. Netherlands Game Highlights | 2023 World Baseball Classic

Cuba takes on the Netherlands during game one of the 2023 World Baseball Classic.

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32 Responses

  1. Odalis Minyeti says:

    Que bien que ya inició el World Baseball Clasic! Bendiciones para todos los Equipos, sobre todo para mi Dominican Republic Selection 💪🙏💖❣️❤️!

  2. Yamaoh says:

    I didn’t think Cuba would lose…
    Congrats to the Netherlands.

  3. Kevin Clements says:

    The Kingdom of the Netherlands is no joke team….LEGIT

    • Il Exile lI says:

      @Jonathan Arteaga They are Dutch citizens. When other nations’ teams are accepting MLB players because they have some ancestry a generation or two back, getting upset at the Dutch team because they have players from Curacao (who are again, Dutch citizens) is stupid.

    • Jonathan Arteaga says:

      You mean Curacao? They should be allowed to represent Curacao

    • Brandon Kelly says:

      USA better watch out for Netherlands 😂

    • fuego says:

      They are ok , top 10 team for sure

    • Marinus Antonius says:

      ​@Saulowski Not true. Even Johan Cruyff started out as a baseball player.

  4. The Lasta Avenger says:

    Cuban starter pitcher was nasty🔥

  5. Nick says:

    Let’s go Kingdom NL! First win in the bag

    • Westhood Qualzini says:

      @Adam GT40 it’s not. No European team should be in the tournament. There’s no actual good Netherlands players. There all from curaçao and Dutch descent Americans

    • Adam GT40 says:

      How popular is Baseball in Holland?

  6. SouthSide Sox says:

    I think Netherlands was underrated coming into the classic. I just realized they have all the Curaçao guys also.

    • Westhood Qualzini says:

      @Daniel Warren with curaçao players which is a Dutch colony. Hardly any actual Netherland players had anything to do with why they won.

    • Daniel Warren says:

      @Westhood Qualzini but they just beat Cuba?

    • Westhood Qualzini says:

      No European team should be in the tournament. It’s for growing the game I guess certainly not for competitiveness

    • Jesus Zendejas says:

      Actually the Dutch rely on their mainland players for pitchers. Plus they have been using their same core players since at least the 2013 tournament

    • Daniel Warren says:

      They have more Dutch players than GB has actual British players AFAIK lol

  7. X-Wing says:

    There’s no sport like baseball that can bring people from all different backgrounds together.

  8. Laurence Smith says:

    I didn’t see this result coming! Well done, Netherlands.

  9. Thunderr says:

    Really hope my Cubans can come back and win the pool. 🙏

  10. Casey Klobucar says:

    Thank you for posting this as a baseball lover with no FS1, I’m happy I can watch my people #NED

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