Customer Tantrum

Customer Tantrum

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This annoying retail customer story from reddit brought me back to when I worked in retail. I thought it was a good story to share and animate over and add my own reaction and commentary. This is a first when it comes to animating someone else’s story but I thought it was a good story of an annoying customer. I hope you like it! and I hope you have a great day filled with no annoying customers 🙂

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Thank you for watching.

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37 Responses

  1. Ice Cream Sandwich says:

    💥 — Download War Thunder for FREE and get your bonus!

  2. Reece Perry says:

    One of the hardest things I’ve had to learn in customer service is that some people just want to be mad at someone.

    • local_idiot??? says:

      I could never be in customer service. I like to think I’m generally a nice person like I wouldn’t ask for my order to be corrected if it’s wrong as long its not seafood I’ll eat it and I have 4 other siblings so my patience is quite long but if you get mad at me for nothing to the point of wanting to fight? I would just leave the store completely and take my break early because once that patience is out there is anger

    • Tribalism blinds them, but not you, right? says:

      its literally how many people get freebies. they know that if they complain, most places allow customer service to compensate to some degree. at some point you know the company you work for is being suckered, but you say nothing. Well, I am an owner that doesn’t put up with it. If you used the product, and there is nothing wrong with it, you cannot have a refund. Its why the girl that make slime with mixins and glitter and shiz no longer does refunds. Its why even walmart has stopped a lot of that and requires id.

    • Kayden7kun says:

      ​​@local_idiot??? I thought the same thing, but after working at a gift and delicacy shop (in Germany) as a parttimer while studying for almost a year now, I’ve realized that it highly depends on what kind of store you work in and thus what kid of people you’ll be mostly seeing. I’m really sensitive to other people’s emotions so I was kinda scared working there at first, but up to now I’ve only had like 3 or 4 actual bad encounters with customers. Of course there were some weird people or tight lipped ones, but mostly they were glad to have someone help them with finding a gift and wrap it up nicely or being able to taste some of our stuff before deciding to buy it 😀
      Christmas is of course stressful as heck, but I think that’s in every store the case ^^

    • Alyson Martin says:

      I work at a wealth management firm and I am SO glad I am just the marketing person and not an advisor. Imagine selling a service working with people’s money.

    • Gavin E**** says:

      @local_idiot??? 🤣and then there was anger

  3. Enigmaticmuffin says:

    i can appreciate that he was so floored by this story that he made an entire animated video about it

  4. Kingchen Chang says:

    Honestly, would love if Andy just did these. Animating crazy reddit stories, not barging into a icecream store as a oldman and make a tantrum.

  5. diggoran says:

    The old dude didn’t fail twice. He met his goal of causing a scene, and didn’t have to pay a cent for it. Complete success.

  6. Eeveni says:

    I think the weirdest interaction I had working in food service was when I delivered food to an old couples table and when asked if they needed anything else, the woman hissed at me. I think I just stood there for a few seconds, said “have a nice meal” and left. I was so confused about that and still don’t know why she hissed at me.

    • Generic Name says:

      Be nice to her, she was a cat turned into a human and this was her first time out in public

    • Aurumfae says:

      Eww 🤢 why hiss?!? She a parseltongue or something…?

    • Ambitious Emerald says:

      I had this happen to me once. Turns out she said thanksssssssss because she had lisp or something.

    • Angela Morpheus says:

      She could have had dementia or something. Still, it’s very difficult to know how to react in a situation like that. We’re used to people being more or less polite, so when they do something really rude or weird, it just makes you feel bad, regardless of their reasons.

  7. TheGoldfishInSoup says:

    Today, a customer was yelling at me over the phone. I was only trying to help her. Unfortunately, I was telling her things that she didn’t want to hear so she decided to let it out on me. It is good to hear that other people in the world think that there are customers that treat retail workers poorly. Thank you for posting this video today, I needed it.

  8. tamiirae says:

    With every customer that loves you there’s one that literally act like you’re ruining their life when nothing is your fault and you just work here 😂

    • Radiant Knee Knight SharaShaymin says:

      “Your machine is out of ice! My day is ruined!”

    • CurseOfZeal says:

      It’s definitely not a 1:1 ratio, and it’s not skewed in favor of the nice customers, unfortunately.

    • Lunavellous says:

      My life is ruined!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! All because you don’t have an extra ketchup packet!!!!!

    • Tribalism blinds them, but not you, right? says:

      I left the drive thru window and they forgot my straw and a napkin. I did not go back and complain. Does that make me one of the nice customers or one of the normal ones, which DO outnumber the bad ones by many many many many times?

    • Jpotato King The Squeaker says:

      Where is my EXTRA OUNCE of KECTCHUP in my BURGER… I *MEASURED IT!*

  9. Belowfactual says:

    I love how Andy’s character lost his hoodie and became shorter and wider and his videos are so good I watch the sponsor ship

  10. Heisenberg says:

    You know Ice is talented when he can make you watch sponsored part of the video

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