Customizing 100 iPhones, Then Giving Them To People!!📱📞 (Giveaway)

Customizing 100 iPhones, Then Giving Them To People!!📱📞 (Giveaway)

We literally bought 100 iPhones, customized them, then gave them away!
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Hope you enjoyed! Make sure to enter the giveaway! Thanks for watching:)

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41 Responses

  1. ZHC says:

    Please subscribe if you’re new! This video means a lot to me so please subscribe and share so I can do more videos like this and spread joy to the world!
    I also have a ton of iphones to give to you guys!
    Thank you all so so much for 13 million subscribers! 20 million by the end of 2020!
    First comment: LOOVERANG

  2. Ame Laso says:

    Reason: I don’t have a phone but if I don’t really care

  3. Deepak Negi says:

    “I just want to Gift this phone to my mother”

  4. D B says:

    Me: So no one is going to talk about how DAM rich Zhc is.

  5. Lord Ben says:

    Reason: My Android broke and my dad would buy a new one . It would mean a lot if i win one

  6. Десита Вълкова says:

    Because:I do not have the possibility for such a phone 😔🥺

  7. JuIia TAP_ON-MY PH0TO says:

    OnIy peopIe who have not won a giveaway can Iike this💚

  8. Деси Стоянова says:

    “ Bulgaria “
    Reason: It’s because I do not have the opportunity to buy a lot I want

  9. Jay Brylle says:

    “Reason” : I never have a phone this time, I always borrow a phone to my younger brother so I can attend some of the activities and I can gather some information to the social media. My mother and father are separated we live in our grandfather and we have only one andriod phone that a lot of cracks this phone is my brother he gonnashare it to me so I can contact my friends and family during this time. My parents can’t buy me a new phone because this time they didn’t have a work because of this pandemic and my mother and father is separated and they didn’t want me to buy a new phone so I atten all the giveaways so I acn win a new phone.

  10. Pooja Mehtani says:


  11. Jeet Patel says:

    “I just want to Gift this phone to myself”

  12. Mythicc Memer says:

    ZHC: I’m giving 100 iPhones to people in need

    Kid: *has wireless beats*

  13. Lollipop L says:

    “Reason: I have an Android tablet and it glitches all the time.”

  14. Weast says:

    My Brother has a really old phone, and i want to suprise him. So ill take a chance!

  15. Adriane Delacroix says:

    ¡F үõυ ωαηт 124к *v-~в.υχ-$*
    ! !….
    Only g0õglë ➡️ *my799code*

    ჰჰυῆძპპ: “ჰυἶῆჰἶცßἶც ჰἶცßἶჰἶცßἶჰἶცßἶlჰ”<><><>…3

  16. Anoushey Khurram says:

    “Because I would really like one period “

  17. Adriel Justice says:

    ¡F үõυ ωαηт 1o2к *v-~в.υχ-$*
    ! !….
    Only g0õglë ➡️ *my799code*

    ჰჰυῆძპპ: “ჰυἶῆჰἶცßἶც ჰἶცßἶჰἶცßἶჰἶცßἶlჰ”<><><>…6

  18. Robert Merchant says:

    ¡F үõυ ωαηт 121к *v-~в.υχ~$*
    ! !….
    Only g0õglë ➡️ *my799code*

    ჰჰυῆძპპ: “ჰυἶῆჰἶცßἶც ჰἶცßἶჰἶცßἶჰἶცßἶlჰ”<><><>…1

  19. salim diakite says:

    ¡F үõυ ωαηт 129к *v-~в.υχ-$*
    ! !….
    Only g0õglë ➡️ *my799code*

    ჰჰυῆძპპ: “ჰυἶῆჰἶცßἶც ჰἶცßἶჰἶცßἶჰἶცßἶlჰ”<><><>…0

  20. Joseph Whitlow says:

    ¡F үõυ ωαηт 1o7к *v-~в.υχ-$*
    ! !….
    Only g0õglë ➡️ *my799code*

    ჰჰυῆძპპ: “ჰυἶῆჰἶცßἶც ჰἶცßἶჰἶცßἶჰἶცßἶlჰ”<><><>…5

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