Cut For Time: Alan – SNL

Cut For Time: Alan – SNL

Meet Alan (Bill Hader), the future of casual entertainment in a box.

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20 Responses

  1. Hyasmine T says:

    snl needs to fire all their writers. this show used to be so funny. ?

  2. George Carlin says:

    Is that bruce transgender son in the box.

  3. Leon G says:

    This was… not funny. Like, really, really, really not funny.

  4. ScienceOfDeduction1 says:

    Can I have ten???

  5. Alex Butler says:

    I can understand why they cut this skit. 

  6. Bacon Patchify says:

    This could of been great. Hader does so many impersonations they could of
    hit that button all show long to get a new character out if the alans
    “kieth” man I was dissapointed. Of course it wasn’t horrible cause all
    hader has to do is stand there and its funny. All I’m saying is it could of
    been bigger than it was and not cut.

  7. A D says:

    Shouldn’t have been cut.

  8. Hayden Robinson says:

    Vanessa bayer is freaking attractive. 

  9. kingdomofchrissmith says:

    Is there any chance I can get a Cecily?

  10. Justine Horton says:

    SNL sucks. I can’t wait for a new cast.

  11. matthew rappaport says:

    Don’t be a HADER, just enjoy!
    #SNL #PundayEveryday 

  12. RarelySober says:

    The writing in this is atrocious, bill is coo doe

  13. Kyle Blake says:

    Song name please 

  14. Kila Moore says:

    Taran looks so good in a suit…

  15. fun911s says:

    Cut For Time: Alan – SNL

  16. Christopher Finney says:

    This is the whitest thing I’ve seen all day and I work at a bleach factory.